05 March 2012

Pregnancy, possible TMI of cellulite, and Ms. Ripa I mean you no Disrespect.

I am just about 13 weeks pregnant, and as I am writing this I realized that I haven't taken one "baby bump" picture yet! Oh dear... I better get on that, seeing as though the bump has definitely arrived. With Georgiana, I didn't really show until 16 weeks or maybe even later, but this time around my body seems to have the grow huge thing down to an art. When I start to feel gross, I just think of Kelly Ripa. That may sound crazy to you, but from what I can tell from pictures, she was ginormous when she was pregnant. She probably just looked that way because she is normally so so tiny, but she appeared to be huge all over, and yet now, she is fit as can be. See, I don't mean this in a poor me, sad toned sort of way, I mean it a matter of factly, I get huge all over. I am not one of those, oh how cute it looks like a fake belly, I couldn't even tell you were pregnant from behind sort of women. I am of the Ms. Ripa genre. My body thinks it necessary to prepare for the baby from head to toe. Yes, from thick crazy horse hair, chubby cheeks, swollen looking cellulite upper arms, all the way down to puffy feet. I kid you not, I am so glad I saved my sandals from when I was pregnant with Georgiana, they are quite stretched out my friend. Oh, and about cellulite, it is a wives's tale that it doesn't go away. I don't care what Self magazine says, it can and does disappear. Apparently cellulite can be induced by an influx of hormones, who knew!?! I do now, and have known since I was pregnant with Georgie. It was like my entire body was basted in fat, what a beautiful image, trust me, I know. So, I figure, call it out. That way, come July when I am sweating like a beast, I will not have shame in my basted body, I just embrace it and know that this too shall pass. And, as I learned with my precious Georgiana Lee, at the end of the day, none of that even matters.

It really really is worth it.

All of it.

So, please take my whining with a joking tone, I am so thankful for this little life inside of me, SO thankful. I'll happily be dimply for the rest of my days if that's what it takes.


Anonymous said...

hahaha... I don't remember you looking anything but beautiful!
Love, Aunt Michelle

Allie Watson said...

I laughed so hard when I read "sweating like a beast." That was like our creto in junior high. LOL