28 June 2012

Baby Boy's Nursery

Oh my word, I am nearly 30 weeks pregnant, I think I better get on decorating baby boy's nursery!!
So far, Kelly has painted the nursery (I thought I picked out grey, it is more light light blue/grey, but I'm keeping it. Thankfully it wasn't supposed to be grey for a girl's grey & yellow nursery, we would be heading back to Sherwin Williams), Georgie's crib is set up in his room, and I just ordered some prints.
At this point in my pregnancy with Georgiana, I think we were pretty much done with her nursery. Oh dear, at least we are making progress!
The above picture is from the etsy shop I ordered from, link here. We chose a P51 Mustang (WW2 Plane that Kelly's grandpa used to fly), a vintage tractor, a locomotive and a 1956 Ferrari.
The colors of the nursery are going to be the lovely grey/blue mystery wall color, aka reminder that I am seriously terrible at picking out colors from tiny little swatches,
navy, white, grey and yellow.
I am excited and relieved to have a vision for our little guy's room.
Now, project Chevron zig zag rug is underway. Along with, operation find a solid wood dresser with dovetail drawers that doesn't cost as much as my first car...
In other news, Georgiana's quote of the day was. Say "cheers" then click her cup with mine, take a drink, say "ahh" and then "Georgie is hydrating."

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