12 June 2012

My baby girl is TWO!!
Georgiana Lee turned two this past Saturday, what a wonderful whirlwind of two years!
My nephew and niece, Ryder and Hana, turned two last Friday. My cousin Brittany graduated from high school on Georgiana's birthday, and my cousin Ashley graduated from college a couple of Sundays before that.
Our hearts have been so heavy, and our minds so foggy and mushy and our eyes teary, that it is good to celebrate all of these joyful things as a family. It's not the same as it was before, not in the least, to be honest it just seems a little exhausting... but still, they are things that I am thankful for. One of the hard parts of having a close family is when one of you is hurt or sick or dies, it smashes your heart, but with being close also comes many opportunities to celebrate and congratulate one another. To stick close and support one another through tears of deep pain and tears of real joy.
Thank you also, to all of you in the blogworld for your prayers and notes. Each one touches my heart.

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Stefanie said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Georgie!!!