26 June 2012

A Yellow and Pink Party!

I was under the false impression that I would be choosing the theme for Georgiana's party this year. I failed to remember that she has strong opinions of her own! My sweet two year old originally chose YELLOW for her theme, not Elmo, not Princess, not anything but Yellow (her absolute favorite color). Then, just about a week before her party, she started telling people that she was having a pink party... Oh dear.
Thankfully, pink was easy to add on. And so we had a very special yellow & pink party. All of the guests were encouraged to wear yellow and or pink, and quite a few joined in the festivities! I resisted the urge to buy Kelly pink denim shorts at Target, it took serious self control!!
We were planning on keeping the party simple with just family, but Georgiana named off her best buddies as people she was hoping would be there, and it really ended up being fun to watch Georgie play with her little friends. Yellow collared shirts and party dresses, too cute for words!! The night before the party, I sewed pink buttons on Georgie's yellow party dress, and I must admit I was thrilled to pieces when she gasped with excitement the next morning when she saw them. Oh Georgie girl!
Poms. I thought I was over them... But I am so NOT over them. They are so cheerful and I love the texture and how they fill up a room! Georgie's favorite decorations were of course the 20 balloons Kelly picked up the morning of her party. She has what one may call a bit of a balloon obsession!!

Treats and a Birthday Banner!

We served brunch, so Kelly was thrilled to share his Keurig with our guests!
My friend Jen introduced me to chalk pens... I will never go back to chalk! I always wondered how grocery stores and coffee shops had such pretty black boards, now I know.
My friend Christy makes the tastiest lemon cookies, so I made them for the party favors. They were a hit and I will definitely be making them again! Here is the recipe link, just substitute a lemon cake mix for the chocolate, click HERE.
It's a Paula Deen recipe, so they're low fat, ha ha ;)
Georgie and her little buddies. Please note the small puppy, Beans. She was the guest of honor! Georgiana invited her to the party and was SO excited that she came. My friend Kea (her owner), bathed her and put a pink flower/bow in her hair, it was pretty stinkin' cute! 
Georgiana is one animated little lady! Here she is saying the present is "HUGE!!"
And clapping with daddy!
And cheering on Brody, who happened to be performing a dance of enthusiasm over the news that we were having cake and DOUGHNUTS!! His fav :)
Laughing with her friends!
I don't know of any tasty bakeries near us, please inform me if you know otherwise :) But, I am a huge fan of Albertson's cakes! We ordered a white cake with vanilla pudding filling, and whipped frosting. I should say I am not a fan of the buttercream frosting. Supposedly the cake was going to serve 10 people. We had about 25 people or so, a dozen doughnuts, ice cream, some cookies and leftovers. I am very thankful I didn't order two! 
My cousin Ashley snapped some pictures for me (thank you Ashley!), and she let me know she had a little photo shoot with Makenzie. This was my fav :)
Georgie and Shell!
I wish you could hear Georgiana sing Happy Birthday, thankfully I've recorded it. Oh her sweet little voice!!
Blurry, but I couldn't resist:
Puppy dog Beans:
Sawyer, Brody, Georgiana, and Madeline:
I love that Georgie always wants to hug her little friends!
Who needs wheels or a roof!?!
I wanted to show a picture with Georgiana's shoes...
My baby girl is two.
Just today she was cracking Kelly and I up, her vocabulary is growing like crazy and she is always surprising us! Here are a few examples from today:
"Hmm... I have options" (referencing which pacifier she would like)
"I agree!" (she is sure to be involved with every conversation, this was yelled from her car seat)
"Holy Cow!" (oops, when she spilled some of her cereal/snack)
"I want to check my email... SO bad!" (this was said the other night as I was laying in bed with her, she is the queen of stalling, and although she is sleeping like a champ in her big girl bed, she is very smart about ways to prolong the falling asleep process).


Stefanie said...

I cannot get enough of her!! We MUST get together soon!

Our growing family said...

I hope she had a wonderful party-it is beautiful!
ps...Keaton invited a puppy to his 2nd birthday party too-it was so much fun!
love you!