15 September 2012

At the Smith House...

Whenever I look back at my old blog posts, I always love to see pictures, the more the merrier!
So, here are quite a few for both your enjoyment and mine.
I love to write big ol' posts, but in this season of life, the picture/caption method is more likely to be completed.
So, here we go!
Georgiana is really into making faces and capturing them on film, or on a memory card, what is the way to say that?? Anyway, here we are hanging out in Mommy and Daddy's bedroom one silly morning. I'm under recovery orders to only walk up/down the stairs once a day. Georgie and Kelly usually eat breakfast upstairs with me before I get ready and make my big venture downstairs. Georgiana often tells Kelly, "I'm just going to visit with mommy."
 And the classic "cheese" face!
 She's relocated her pink chair to our bedroom, that way when she comes up for a visit she has a spot to snuggle her baby brother. This morning she said, "I just love you sweetie love!" Ha ha, oh this girl makes us laugh!
 We've enjoyed visits from friends and family. Here Levi is cuddling with Grandpa. Or as Georgie was referring to him, Bill! She is very much into calling the grandparents by their name, it gets a reaction, which she loves :)
 And snuggling with Grandma Lori!
 And Grandma Donna, with Levi's balloon. Georgiana brings Levi and I our balloons wherever we are :)
 Here's my little sweet boy!
He needed a bath desperately in this pic, don't worry he has since had one.
 Where I usually make camp downstairs. "The Big Chair." Both kiddos napped on me the other day, pretty much mommy heaven.
 And... Georgiana's bib number. She came up to me and said, "I need a bib number please!" So, I asked her what number and she picked #2. She also requested a sign for me to hold for her "Go Runner Girl!! I love you!" which I was more than happy to hold! She said, "Mommy, will you say Go Georgie, and cheer me on?" Always Georgie girl, always!!
 Off she went!
 Super Dad!!
I know it can be over the top to talk about how wonderful of a husband you have, but I just seriously have to say, oh my word am I thankful for this guy!!
He is taking care of all three of us, we are not always the easiest to deal with (myself included), and he is wearing this smile while juggling a bazillion different hats.
So yep, I'm calling him Super Dad!
 Cousin time!
Levi sleeps quite contently in Makenzie's arms. I guess she'll just have to come back from college for lots of Levi & Georgiana visits! The other night Kelly said Georgiana was laying in bed singing "Kenzie Kenzie Kenzie," to the tune of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.
 And then there is who Georgiana would call the crazier girl, ha ha!! Ashley and Georgiana ran a ton of laps around the house, I think Ashley may have just found another race partner! It's pretty much hilarious how much fun these two can have together!
 No, we do not teach her to pose. Kelly walked into the living room and saw Georgie enjoying her snack and people watching. She's a little bummed most of the kids are off at school. The other night she prayed that she would get to go to school and play with her friends. She's growing up WAY too fast!!
 I accidentally called Levi "Peanut" the other day. That's one of Georgie's nicknames, and she loves it, so I am going to have to come up with something for Little Levi. Although, by the way this little guy is growing, Peanut may not even be that fitting for long! I wonder at what age he will pass big sister up in size...
 Usually I crop the chaos out of the picture, but honestly where's the fun in that!?!
Kelly and I agree that we get one shot at this very much joyfully chaotic season, so we are embracing it! Thankfully the rest of the house doesn't resemble this room, but even if it did, cest la vie.
 All bathed and burped, ready for an adventure, or a nap.
The camera is empty, which in my mind brings the blog up to date, a miracle if you ask me!
Thank you for stopping by to check out the pics :)

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Stefanie said...

LOVE!!!! So happy for your family of four!!