10 September 2012

Hospital Pics!!

Georgiana is 27 months old, and I still have about 1/2 a dozen drafts of her birth story, so I make no promise of actually getting a full length version of little Levi's done, but it's all about the pictures anyway, isn't it!?! :) Poor Georgie girl (and Kelly), I was a hormonal wreck after delivering her via an emergency c-section, thankfully with as much anxiety that began to build before my scheduled c-section with Levi, I actually feel (and am hopefully acting like) a normal person. Praise the Lord oh my soul!!
So, here are some pics and some little captions for your enjoyment!
One last belly pic before getting all dressed up for the big event:
Kelly thought it a good idea to document the entire experience...
including my blue toenails!
 Getting all pumped up to meet our little guy!
 The nurse, who we loved, was accidentally an hour ahead of schedule. She thought she was running late and did my check in and pre-surgery prep super fast, wheeled me down to the operating wing and then was informed that it was only 9 am, not 10 am. So, we laughed our way back to the check in room and here I am all excited after the dress rehearsal. She was feeling bad about the mishap, I assured her that I was a drama major and very much appreciated the extra practice, nothing like a good run through!
 The prep time in the operating room seemed like FOREVER! With Georgiana everything was done in literally less than 5 minutes, so the 20 something minutes of what felt like casual prep really allowed for my nerves to get amped up. I was so thankful for the operating room staff/nurses and anesthesiologist, they were all so calming and kind, it made a huge difference. When Kelly was finally allowed back in the room, he was an amazing support, he quoted a verse to me (per my request) probably at least 20 times.
"He will keep in perfect peace he whose mind is steadfast because he trusts in You." Isaiah 26:3
Over and over and over again, until it was all worth it:
Kelly was able to cut Levi's umbilical cord and we were able to watch the one nurse (who knew an entire team of nurses were not required to work on your little one, that's all we knew from Georgiana's birth) measure and look over little Levi.
What an amazing awesome truly wonderful experience to be awake and able to enjoy the birth of your little one!! Wow, what a difference from my sweet Georgie girl's birth. The nurse brought Levi immediately to my cheek, oh my word, no words to express the joy I felt. Immediately my heart was FULL. All anxiety of how in the world am I going to be a mama to two little ones, how in the world will I be able to recover while trying to care for them, how in the world this and that and that and this. None of my worries mattered. Our little family was complete and instantly I could not imagine it any other way.
 Cheek to cheek was wonderful, but getting to hold him for the first time, I just about burst with excitement!!
 And burst with tears!
 And just when I thought life couldn't get any better...
 Levi being loved on by Grandma and Big Sister! And the teddy bear Georgiana picked out for him while he was being born, she likes him to have it at all times!
 Wet hair after his first bath:
My heart ached to have our whole family of four together. Georgiana was a champ the entire time I was in the hospital. Here she is Wednesday late afternoon, no nap and having spent a long day at the hospital. I was so so so happy she wanted to cuddle with me and baby Levi!
 And cuddle and be silly the next day too!
I just realized we still have not taken a picture of all 4 of us!! That will be my one to do tomorrow...


Kari said...

Congratulations! What a beautiful little family you and Kelly have!

christy said...

Thank you for sharing all the sweet little details Nicole. I am so proud of you! Don't you love that once you see that sweet baby all the fears and doubt go away? I had the same thing with Sawyer. Now we just take it one day at a time... Love to you! Kiss your babies for me. :)