29 September 2012

Mr. Levi

How is it that I have wanted to blog for quite sometime, even had numerous posts go through my mind, but yet when I have a moment my brain is absolute mush???
Kelly said we are still in survival mode. He says it with a huge smile on his face, but it is so true, ha ha! Our house goes from super clean to total explosion in literally 15 minutes. Our sweet and precious baby boy who we adore, happens to have the loudest newborn cry that you have ever heard. The great thing is, he is not a fussy baby (either was Georgie, we feel quite spoiled), but he pretty much has an on/off switch when it comes to tears, and he has one crying volume, wowza! He is super super cuddly and has been sleeping well for a 3 week old, so we are hopeful that someday we will feel rested. Probably not for a LONG time, but someday we will, and that is just always nice to remember.
But, this season is not about rest, it is about enjoying the craziness before our little ones grow up and want to do even crazier things, like sleep in and hang out with their friends instead of read story books with us.
This season is also about healing. Let me tell you, I refuse to turn this into a poor me post, but I am so not a fan of having a c-section. I am beyond thankful for modern medicine and for two beautiful and healthy babies, but recovering from major surgery is well, major.
On top of the standard surgery recovery, brace yourself for TMI, I had a UTI that was resistant to normal medication which resulted in the UTI hanging out in my kidneys, ouch. Praise the Lord that is all taken care of now! But, that put me a little behind the curve in my recovery. I am happy to say we are back on track, and I know when I look back on this time, my recovery will have gone by quickly, it's just while I am living it it is difficult. I am so anxious to have my bed at a normal height, not have a fear of my incision coming open (again, yes that was not fun, but again thankfully all taken care of!), be able to pick up Georgiana, go up the stairs more than a couple of times a day without paying for it... Oops, this is starting to sound like a big whiny list. Basically, what I am saying is that the c-section was a blessing because in the end we are all healthy, but it is just hard and that's that.
Levi's up, I am off to feed him, thanks for reading :)

Levi and Allie, or as Georgiana would say "Allie, Tristan's mommy."
Oh, and as of today Levi already weighs 9lbs 4oz and Georgiana consistently spells her last name. Still working on consistently spelling her first. Yep, my babies are growing lightning fast!!

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Jessica said...

Hey- I have that same adorable outfit! ;) Love you and can't wait to meet him and see you. I'll come as soon as my boys get over their sickness!