19 November 2012

I've tried what seems like a dozen times to get pictures from Halloween to post (I am determined to get them on the blog before Thanksgiving), but my computer or blogger or both are not cooperating. So, this will be a picture-less post.
Kelly and I have a list of funny things Georgiana says or does, one item on the list is "sniffer noodles," pronounced as "sniffer new news." Perhaps you are familiar with this cookie, aka snickerdoodles. Georgie is not a fan of chocolate, not at all, but that doesn't mean she doesn't have a sweet tooth. She LOVES sniffer new news, she insists that you need to smell them, and she likes to suck on them. We baked some this past week for the garbage men. Georgie girl doesn't need superheroes or morning cartoons, at least not on garbage day, every Thursday is as exciting as a holiday at our house! She watches them from the front window, she and Kelly eat winnie the pooh animal crackers and then she waits for them to come back around the neighborhood and she runs to the back window, waving and yelling with glee the whole time. We do get out, just in the past couple of weeks we've made it to the Museum of Flight, the zoo and a little bit of work for Georgiana, but really nothing compares with the garbage truck, she is truly fascinated.
Enough trash talk, what else...
Some other things on the list.
If you ask Georgiana how a scrape or a bruise is feeling, she will respond "still goin."
Her manners are ridiculously adorable, "thank you for making this mommy, daddy did you say thank you to mommy?"
She was carrying a large bag of bread and she said "I'm strong like my dad, I've got muscles!"
I was flossing my teeth and I said something about getting out a piece of chicken, and it was as though a light bulb went off and she said "what momma?" I was thinking very quickly and replied, "the teriyaki chicken we had for dinner." She began to talk about our neighbors having pet chickens and thankfully Kelly was able to distract Georgie from her thoughts by bringing up something random. It got me thinking though, why must we call chicken chicken?? Cows are beef, pigs are pork, I guess I could say poultry?? And fish, oh dear...
Georgiana thinks foggy is "froggy."
And, there is a worship song with lyrics "In the secret, in the quiet place." Georgiana sings, "In the secret, in the quiet library..." I think she thought it was like a mad lib, insert 'quiet place' here. Love it.
There are more of course, but that's all I had on the white board, I need to keep writing things down, she says something adorable or clever every single day.
Just a couple of days ago she said, "a great opportunity..." Her vocabulary cracks us up. Everything is "shall we..." or "usually," "probably," or "when I was tiny..."
I think I am off to bed, Levi is sleeping and I'm pretty sure Kelly fell asleep putting Georgiana to bed, he's been up there a while, I better go wake him up. The twin size bed isn't the most comfortable. Sweet dreams blog world.


Jessica said...

Nicole, she's just precious. Great job. :)

A to Z said...

She is so funny! Sounds like her and Paisley would have a fabulous time chatting it up!