08 December 2012

Hunter, you've been replaced.
Meet Michael:
I have way more important things to post about than rain boots (like my two precious little ones). But, my brain is just mush by the end of the day, that and for some reason blogger times out and doesn't allow me to upload my pics. Pics from the computer are no problem, like the above...
Anyway, life is good, challenging, joyful, funny, smelly, sticky, long, too quick and well... busy.
Some days the kiddos and I are showered/bathed and out the door on adventures and home for a wonderful home cooked dinner. Others (more than I wish to admit), I find myself exhausted, wearing sweat pants (not even my going out sweat pants, ha!), eating a big mac, wondering why in the world I spent so much money on a fridge full of organic produce!?!
I have apologized to my two year old many times, embarrassed and surprised by how impatient I can be. Thankfully, she is very forgiving and quick to give me a big ol' hug. She is also quick to give her baby brother a squeeze, oh dear...
Today Georgiana informed me that Levi may possibly be getting scarred about their upcoming meeting/picture with Santa Claus. She also informed me that Santa is not weird mommy. I'm not sure where she got 'weird' from, but she was assuring me he was not :)
She also informed me that she loves snow and has to wear mittens so that she doesn't get winter on her hands. There was something else she said today, but I can't remember...
And little Levi, oh my heart I just adore him! He's been rolling over from his tummy to his back since before he was a month old, I realize it sounds like I am making that up, but it's true, anyway, he is a strong little guy, but so sensitive and right now quite a little mommy's boy. Which, I am totally okay with (for now)...
He seems to like to stay up just a bit past Georgiana, I think he likes the full attention of both mommy and daddy. He coos like crazy and still reserves most of his smiles for Georgiana and my Grandma.
Kelly's doing great. Working like crazy, just a lot of training, a Bozeman Training Group (sold out, praise the Lord!) class, and preparing for his upcoming knee surgery.
Add that with Christmas prep, Journey to Bethlehem, church Christmas play, neighborhood Christmas gathering, and a hunt for two ugly Christmas sweaters, and that about sums up our calendar. Oh, and 'gynastics' for Georgiana. I love that she doesn't say the 'm.' We hold tight to her little words, because seriously every day she looks and acts more grown up.
Okay, I've officially stayed up WAY too late!
Miss you blog, hope to be back soon, with pics.


Me... said...

I love love the boots, MK has been or of my favorites for a while :)
Would love to see pictures!

Allie Watson said...

I can just hear her tiny oice saying, "He's not weird, Mommy. Hahaha so cute