29 August 2013

Growing up!

Yesterday, Georgiana grabbed her shopping cart and said "Momma's gotta go shoppin'!!"
And yes, we still haven't finished painting the family room and kitchen...
 Today we all 4 went to meet Georgiana's preschool teacher. She came highly recommended by both friends and family, and if today is any indication of the rest of the year, I cannot say thank you enough for the recommendation!! We loved her! She was so great with the kids, squatting down to talk to them, very animated and so sweet and attentive. She sent each little preschooler off with a bag of fishy crackers that said "You are o' fish ally a preschooler!" So cute.
 Georgiana's biggest concern was the bathroom. When we toured the preschool last Spring she asked if the toilets were automatic or manual flushing? Today, she just needed to get a run down of how to lock the door, where the soap is etc. Watching her go step by step in the bathroom thinking about her being so independent, well it made me tear up. Yep, I had to pull it together right there in the potty room. You know how kids really pick up on Mommy and Daddy's emotions. Well, Mommy better suck it up, I cannot believe how glossy eyed I feel about my baby girl going to preschool. I have no doubt in my mind she is going to LOVE it. I am just a nervous momma. It's kind of hard to deny she is growing up when I will be dropping her off at school in a couple of weeks. Sigh. 
Baby girl, I just adore you!
At lunch today we were talking about all of the fun things she is going to get to do with preschool. She really really wants to sing on stage at church with a microphone, her words, but she is not old enough to be in the kids Christmas program or other programs yet. So, I was so happy when I remembered that she is going to get to be in a program for school! I told her that she was going to get to sing on stage with her new school friends and she gasped and said
"Brud, Sis is putting on a concert!"
Ha ha!!
(Brud is what she nicknamed Levi back in March when we were in Hawaii and it has stuck ever since. It's a combo of brother and bud/buddy, we all call him Levi or Brud. And sis is what she prefers to be called, oh Georgie girl).

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Mindy (Smith) Davis said...

Hello from your Colorado cousins! We are here visiting Family and celebrating our one year anniversary. Would love to see you all. Check Facebook messages for a way to contact us.

Mindy and Levi