25 September 2013

Duck Dinosaur

Georgiana was the Superstar at preschool! Aka the bringer of the snack :) 
She debated long and hard over yogurt or cheddar bunnies, but the bunnies and apple juice won.
I dressed her in the morning and when we got downstairs she suddenly (her new favorite words are: suddenly, thrilled, ridiculous and jealously, she uses all but the last one in the correct context. jealously is from her Cinderella book and I don't think she really knows what it means) anyway that was a rabbit trail... Back to the the wardrobe fiasco, apparently she had it in mind to wear her new dress with the ballet slippers on it. So we did a quick change and then dressed Pink Dolly. Another part of being the Superstar is getting to bring something for show and tell. Georgiana picked Pink Dolly, who for that day was also being called Tatum and today she was Allie, but "her real name is Pink Dolly." Georgiana is hunched over comforting dolly before the big ride to school.
We were making great time and then I realized I forgot her backpack at home! Back home, grabbed the backpack and off we went again. Thankfully we still made it on time and Georgiana had an "awesome" day, her description.
 Today we ran errands in the rain. 
My Costco cuties!
 A sample lady went on and on and on and on about my two cute girls!!! Oh their eyes, and the girls and this and that and seriously wood not stop talking about my girls. 
I took this picture right after, and I think Levi's what in the world hand gestures pretty much sum it up!
 Then we went to Target for diapers. Yep, we have officially switched from Costco diapers to Target, I like them better, way way way less leakage. Keep in mind, not all buns are the same, what worked for G does not always work for L.
On the way there I let Georgiana look at pictures and check the weather. When I uploaded the above pictures I found about 20 of me driving, ha ha!
 Then I discovered a handful of gems. Self portraits of the cutest little feet. All in different poses :)
Speaking of phones and pictures...
Kelly went for a run in the rain and discovered that his waterproof jacket does not live up to it's name, not at all! His iPhone is toasted, even after spending days in rice, so if anyone has a Verizon iPhone they are selling PLEASE leave a comment or track me down. Also, if you are trying to track Kelly down, he has a temporary #, just message me and I will send it your way.
I almost forgot, last night we were visiting with the Brough's and we were talking about Duck Dynasty. Georgiana quickly joined in the conversation, she said "Duck Dinosaur is so funny, it's hilarious!" She's never seen it, but honestly it's so clean I wouldn't mind if she did. 
In Levi news, he took a step yesterday, he looked shocked and it was adorable! No steps today, but he's definitely getting curious about walking. Oh, and he is quite the grunter. A few words and a lot of grunts. Quite contrary to the Costco lady, he is ALL boy!

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