09 December 2014

Beginning Picture Catchup!

I have an album on my computer titled "blog pics" and sometimes it just makes me feel better to move a few 30 or so pictures in that direction, with the hope that someday I will get to them! I feel so behind on the blog that I kind of stumble when I try to compose a post. I told Kelly that I need a 24 hour blog retreat. I know that sounds a bit silly, but I just love looking back on the blog, seeing the kiddos and what we were up to. The clich├ęs are true, life is zooming past and I long for my little online scrapbook to be kept up. But, enough whining for now. How about some of those pictures!
I'll start with Halloween.
My little Doc Mcstuffins and a future Seahawk!
He was so grumpy about getting his picture taken, we will just say he had his game face on, ha!
 But, sister can pretty much always make him smile...
 And, ta da! There's our happy little guy and our oh so excited little Doc.
 I had to include this blurry picture because I have a very similar one of Georgiana when she was his size. My little independent babies.
 And, then all sugared up!
We always let the kids go a little crazy with the candy on Halloween and then we sensor it for the next few days and then it goes "moldy." So far they go with it. A friend of mine was telling me that she and her daughters take their candy to a dentist who buys the candy from them. They have it all figured out, what candy weighs the most and what ones to keep. Strategic and beneficial!
Yes, Levi still has his pacifier. No, I don't battle it. Yes, he will eventually get rid of it. No, I'm not worried about his teeth, the dentist said it was okay :)
He tries to talk with it in his mouth, when I tell him that I can't understand him with his paci in, he just holds it while he says what he wants to say and then pops that bad boy back in. So yes, I am working on that. Transitioning to just for sleeping and car trips, but he is cutting his 2 year old molars and well, you gotta do what you gotta do!

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