05 February 2009


My cousin Ashley looked at Taye and said, "a true child of the 21st century." I think that is the perfect title of this picture. And yes, he is "texting."
Earlier that day, to celebrate my Grandma's birthday some of the ladies in my family and I headed to Biella.
Here we are after our facials! Some of us (me) are a bit shinier than others, I swear I was still "glowing" the next day. We relaxed in our cozy "polar bear" robes as we affectionately called them. We used the sauna, which was basically hot yoga sans the yoga and the spa also let us use the private lounge. I highly recommend this place for parties or celebrations!

And of course, one must always have a little something to satisfy her sweet tooth. I think we would all recommend Hello Cupcake.
Conveniently located just down the street from the spa.

Other news, this week Kelly was finally able to return back to work on full-duty! He was on light duty for 4 months, and we are both so thankful he is feeling much much better! Thanks again for all of the inquiries and prayers.


Melissa said...

what a great way to celebrate a birthday :) I looked up those cupcakes and they look yummy!
How fun to all hang out together...

Christy said...