25 March 2009

Mr. Scott

At 5:05am my morning started with an automated substitute teaching call for one Mr. Scott. I accepted the job, set to start at 8:35am, and planned to go back to sleep for a bit... but my brain was fully awake and the combo of my usual nerves about substituting coupled with not enough sleep made for what I thought (at the time) were fascinating thoughts.
My thought process went as follows:
5am, who is up at 5am?
Lots of people I guess... usually not me.
Oh my word, I remember starting work at 5am (my first job was a barista at Tully's my Jr./Sr. year of high school)
How in the world did I get up that early? What was my weird manager's name??? Michael... no Mark. Yes, Mark.
He was quite the character.
Ha, kind of like a Michael Scott from "The Office."
Eww, he had serious coffee breath, nasty. Like years of coffee permeating out, I think my gag reflex kicked in a few times.
That would be a perfect show, set in a coffee shop.
Has it been done before?
"Friends," no no no, it would definitely be different than that.
Ha, too bad I didn't have a blog when I worked there, he would have provided some great material...
(Then one story came to mind)
In our tiny little storage room there was a ladder up to an upper storage area, like an itsy bitsy attic/loft space. We had to clear it all out when we were expecting the safety or fire people to check us out, so that gives you an idea of how practical a space this was. Anyway one morning super early, like 2am or so. Mark had the brilliant idea he was going to clean out the loft space. He would frequently arrive to the store in the middle of the night with wacky ideas, poor guy, super passionate about Tully's. Anyway, on this particular morning he somehow fell through the ceiling (floor of the attic) and landed in the women's restroom! All I know is when I came in for work I was dying laughing. It was a super busy Saturday morning and the women's bathroom was closed for maintenance. I peaked in and saw ceiling tiles and debris. I can't remember all of the details, this morning I was half remembering the real story and half writing an episode in my head, I pictured him being pinned down (not truly injured, just stuck) and the morning shift somehow discovering him in the ladies room.
I do remember seeing him running around trying to serve people and chat it up with them as his arm was "bandaged" with paper towels. I quickly joined the group of gals who finally convinced him to go home and get some rest.
Anyway, I was chuckling to myself like a crazy person, I even woke poor Kelly up.
Then, finally about 20 minutes ish before I had to get up I fell back asleep and dreamt that I was in the remake of "Don't tell Mom the Babysitter is Dead" narrated by Christina Applegate.

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e said...

i was just reminded by a friend who works for one of my old starbucks managers about the time the entire shelving unit in the back room fell on top of me one day while i was doing the daily deposit. and also about how we used to have stick figure drawing contests with chalk.
let's get to work on that pilot pitch, eh? :)