23 March 2009

Weekend Highlights:

I love this little guy so much, we had an absolute blast with him at our place. Saturday night Taye helped me make pizza, you can see the flour all over the table from when I rolled out the dough. Taye saw it and said, "Aunt Cole, you made a mess! My mom would be so mad." When I told Tiffany (Taye's mom) about this we just had to laugh, she really isn't the type to get mad about flour. I had flour all over myself too, and Taye was 100% not into getting messy.
I thought I failed with the pizza when Taye didn't want to eat any of his, he said "No thank you, it's yucky." But, he ate up his grapes and had a string cheese. Then, after the hot tub and some games Uncle Kelly was having a cold pizza snack and Taye ended up eating over half of his little pizza! Tiffany said he prefers his food cold and rubbery. Good to know :)
Watching a movie and tippin' back with Uncle Kelly, you can also see the remnants of the "fort":
This is pretty much how all 3 of us felt, but only Taye looked this cute:

One more thing, Sunday morning Tiffany, Taye, Kelly and I were eating breakfast and Taye asked, "Is this man food?" Thankfully Kelly made the pancakes, so Taye was quick to believe us when we told him they were indeed "mancakes."


Melissa said...

what fun, the pizza looks really good :)
what a cute Taye day :)

Christy said...

Oh my goodness. I just want to hug him he is so cute.

Allie Watson said...

He is SO cute! Such a personality...what a lucky and fun Auntie you are!!