15 April 2009

Just don't eat this before hot yoga, trust me...

The other night Kelly and I ate at
Ribbins Bar-B-Q "World Class Kansas City Style Bar-B-Q,"
and it was so so so delicious! I had the sliced beef brisket sandwich and Kelly had the pulled pork. The atmosphere is a little hole in the wall esque, but it is only 8 months old, super clean and the owner/cashier/cook was very friendly. His "story" was on the wall and he has been in the bbq business for 15+ years, you can definitely tell he has had time to perfect his recipes. So, if you are in the Auburn area and want to support a nice local business, check out:
Ribbins Bar-B-Q
4435 A St SE
Auburn, WA 98002
Other restaurant news...
A very reliable source told me that there will be some good lookin' guys in uniform at the Federal Way Red Robin this Saturday from 11am - 9pm for the annual "Tip a Cop" fundraiser (I believe they are raising money for the Special Olympics). If you find yourself there between 12-4:30(ish/EDITED TIME) you may just be able to get one handsome guy to show you the new Valley SWAT van/truck/some army sounding name thing I can't remember exactly :)
****Edited Time****

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