21 April 2009

The Latest and Greatest

We are very surprisingly the only "Smith" family in our church directory. Who would have ever dreamed it?!?

New Activity:
Recently I shopped till I dropped for my friend Ashley who lives in OK. The poor girl doesn't even have a Target in her town, so she sent me some cash and I went to work. Her package of finds was such a hit that one of her friends requested my services! It is basically the greatest thing, I get to hunt for bargains and get my retail therapy in without damaging my own wallet. Thanks Ashley!

Cute Nephews:
On Sunday we went to our nephews' birthday party. Keiton(3) and Carter(1). When all of the guests were leaving, Keiton hugged us goodbye and wished us each "Happy Birthday!" It was pretty darn cute! It reminded me of how for a few holidays Taye would very cheerfully declare "Happy Halloween" or "Happy Thanksgiving," I can remember him doing this on Christmas and on my grandparents' anniversary.

Operation Xbox Update:
A few inquiring minds have asked about the Xbox quest (see post below or so), and I am still patiently waiting to get all of the "referrals." So far the popular things to sign up for are Netflix and Emusic (like itunes). Even if the Xbox doesn't interest you, but you are planning on signing up for Netflix or purchasing any songs anytime soon, feel free to follow the referral link: http://www.360Elite4free.com/index.php?ref=5818919 I feel confident that the site is safe and secure. I am shooting for the more attainable 8 referrals total, any help is greatly appreciated :) I feel like I am beginning to sound like a crazy sales lady driving around in a certain pastel car... (please take no offense, I too know some non-crazy ones).

Hot Yoga:
And, the best for last... drum roll please... I am officially disgusting. Yes, disgusting. Yesterday I made a last minute decision and ended up going to a 90 minute yoga class. I should have known better, it was a wee bit toasty outside and I hadn't been drinking "gallons" as Kelly likes to say. Within the first 5 minutes of class I was dripping, not glowing, not beading up, full on dripping! You may be thinking to yourself, well of course you were, you and every other looney person in there were. But no my friend, it was just myself and a rather round man who could claim the title of "5 minute dripper." I broke the "rules" and allowed my eyes to wander and not stay put on my "focus point" in the mirror, I looked all around... and sure others were beginning to glow and a select few had the first signs of sweat beads on their forehead. But me and the big bambino were in a league of our own. I just laughed to myself as I thought, I have become the exact person I was always afraid of being stuck by.

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