30 April 2009

Should be an interesting day...


Kin"der*gar`ten\, n. [G., lit., children's garden; kinder (pl. of kind child, akin to E. kin kindred) + garten garden.] A school for young children, conducted on the theory that education should be begun by gratifying and cultivating the normal aptitude for exercise, play, observation, imitation, and construction; -- a name given by Friedrich Froebel, a German educator, who introduced this method of training, in rooms opening on a garden.

Courtesy of Webster online.


Linds said...

chub⋅by jack⋅ass [chuhb-ee jak-as]

round and plump contemptibly foolish or stupid person; dolt; blockhead; ass.

haha.. was that one of the many gems from that day? ha.. can't remember, but so funny.. and sad, but funny.


nicole said...

Yes, this was from that fateful day! Little did I know it would be a little too interesting :)