04 May 2009

Just for Fun:

Here are some pictures of us goofing around at Danny & Angela's wedding reception. I was a horrible guest and didn't pull my camera out until late in the evening and therefore do not have any photos of the bride and groom, but they were a very beautiful couple!
Above, Erin and I with one of our classic self portraits!
What do I say except that I think Kelly stole the flower girl's bow off of a table. No words.

The ol' one two punch!
I said "be fierce!"
My friends Melissa and Erin were bridesmaids and they seriously looked like supermodels... So I decided to pose like a creepster with his ladies... Yes, I know I am a little silly at times.
More posing and having fun!
Me and Melissa!
Random: Sometimes I really want curly hair. Most of the time my hair says NO.


Melissa Gullberg said...

that was so fun to hang out with you, I've missed you and your fun personality!

I love your hair curly, it looks fantastic!

Stefanie said...

you and the ladies look fabulous, as always!! Kelly, you looked great as well :)

e said...

just what i needed this morning.
i love how silly we are...
and i didn't take any pictures of my own, boo hoo hoo.