14 August 2009

Color Schemes

My little apartment is filled with interior (and exterior) design books courtesy of the library.
A lg. stack of home magazines, thank you Tiffany :)
A ginormous pile and flip chart looking thing of paint samples...Lowes.
A garage sale lamp I fell in love with, and not one but 2 shades I bought but don't fit...off to make returns this weekend.
A whole basket/storage bin filled with my latest decorating finds.
A few notebooks and scratch papers with doodles, notes, and my non-math minded version of floorplans...
I think I have "decorated" every room in the house (we will hopefully get our keys September 10th!) a few times over, I go to bed with one idea and then wake up thinking...um no!
Then this morning I stumbled across this blog, filled with even more fun ideas...
Thought you might want to take a peek:


anne said...

Soooooo exciting! :)

anne said...

Oh, and I was also going to mention that I need to follow your lead. When I bought the condo (pre-marriage), I had no idea where to even begin with the colors. Thankfully, my mom helped me out...it all began with a rug for the living room. That piece has directed and dictated what is and is not allowed in our house. (It keeps me from over-buying too which is nice.)

I can't wait to see what you've come-up with. You're so creative and your taste is something I envy! Hooray for the new house!

Let us know if you need some help moving. We're happy to help.

Our growing family said...

I loved the "non-math minded version of floorplans"! I do the same thing and it is always totally not to scale!
It sounds like you are having so much fun and it is going to kill me to wait to see all the pictures!!
Hope everything goes smoothly and stress-free! It's supposed to be fun right? =)

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

Isn't it so much fun? I can't wait to follow your journey and see what you come up with for your new abode!


christy said...

fun! You might also try urbangraceinteriors.typepad.com
and her twin sister: flythroughmywindow.blogspot.com

They have both given me a lot of decorating inspiration. Now I just have to use it! Ha. :)

Happy decorating. Can't wait to see your new place.