22 September 2009

Hello All!

Big news... The Comcast Man just left, and the Smith home is proud to announce that once again we have the internet! It has been rough without it, but we braved it and survived a whole week. A few times I did manage to muster up enough courage to use the public computers at work, although I feared I was contracting a disease from the keyboards, I feared the number of 'new' emails in my inbox much more.
Other than that, we have been busy bees around here... working at work and then working at home. It is a mystery to me how two people have so much stuff! And, speaking of busy bees... in addition to the Comcast Man, today Kelly and I also had the pleasure of meeting the Terminix Man. 7 bee hives worth of bees decided to move in the same week we did. Kelly and I attempted operation bee removal the other night. But that turned into operation spray our outside windows with chemicals and then run for our lives. Thankfully we both made it into the house without a single sting, with a very loud...Phew!
The Terminix Man told us that last week he went to a house where the bees had gotten through the drywall of the homeowners home and started filling their bedroom. This was somehow supposed to make us feel better. Nevermind the fact that they are in the attic space right above our bedroom.
Kelly really wants to take the SWAT camera and peek up to see how many are in there. But, after our failed mission the other night, he is resisting the temptation and we are leaving it to the professionals.
I promise to post pictures when my house looks more like a home than a storage unit...
But for now I am off to go organize my pantry!


Melissa Gullberg said...

Bees o yuck!
have fun with the pantry :)

Stefanie said...

glad you're safe!! Have fun organizing!