10 September 2009

No Keys Yet...

You know that Debit Card commercial where one debit card paying customer after the next pays and everything in the store or restaurant moves along like a dance. There's a lot of different people and activity, but yet everything operates without a hitch... until a cash paying customer comes along and haults production.
Well, my life is much like one of those commercials, and truthfully I like it filled with a lot of different people and activities. I'm happiest juggling ten things at once. But, let's just say this week there were quite a few cash paying customers, making it a bit difficult to "dance!"

Multiple date changes... signing, keys, cleaning, trucks, and helpers.

Changes in work schedules, you're training, oh no you're not... just kidding yes you are. Um nevermind you aren't.

To pack or not to pack... oops I packed the can opener last week, looks like I'll be rethinking a meal or two. Hmm... I wish I knew what box my raincoat was in???

All in all, nothing too terrible to report. I'd rather deal with schedule chaos than life chaos.
I will say, I've never been so excited to clean, I can't wait to make our future floors shine! I'll probably listen to the Annie soundtrack while I'm scrubbing :)

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Our growing family said...

Oh man! Can't wait until you get to move...SO SOON!!!! YEA!!!!!