09 September 2009

We've got a lot of eating to do...

Today, my friend Tarena blogged about a sale on http://www.restaurant.com/, and I am so glad she did because I just bought a bunch of $25.00 gift certificates for $1.00 each! When using the gift certificate you have to spend a minumum (the average was $35.00), but that is the only "catch."
The sale/discount code is: NINETY
Now go and get your gift certificates!


christy said...

I bought 7! :)

Our growing family said...

You are so cute! I'm glad you are passing on the info!!
I told Tim what I bought and how one of the places was to a sushi resturant. He got all pouty and didn't want the salmon stir fry that was planned for dinner!
Silly guy! He is definatly looking forward to that one! =)

Ben said...

Yeah for restaurant.com! We've got a ton of gift certificates left over from their last great deal. The next time they've got a super sale, we should all pick a place and make a Bible Study date...husbands and all. :)

-Anne (from Ben's computer, again)

nicole said...

Anne... That is such a great idea! We should definitely plan on it :)