01 October 2009

Allie's Birthday!

The day before the big move I got to have a fun night on the town celebrating Allie's B'day! I've been meaning to post some pics, but we went a little crazy with the camera that night and I had quite a few to sift through. Here are some of my favorites:
From Left to Right: Amanda, Me, Jessica, Allie, Lindsey

The above picture cracks me up, because while the rest of us were goofing around doing a "photo shoot," please keep in mind we had a private room so we weren't totally embarassing ourselves, Lindsey was the responsible one sorting out the bill. Laughing and relieved I think that she had an "excuse" to not participate :)

Jessica, this girl can't take a bad picture!

And, I had to laugh as I sorted through Amanda's pictures, they were either her totally cracking up because Allie & I were directing her, or they were all blurry because the photographer of the group, Allie, graciously tried to help me learn how to use my own camera on the manual focus. Let's just say I am not the quickest learner when it comes to photography...

And me, I was Amanda's stand in while Allie adjusted the lens :)


Our growing family said...

I love this post...lots of warm fuzzy feelings of seeing old friends!
You all look GORGEOUS!!!
You guys should get together more often...you have too much fun together! I love how everyone seems "the same" too...brilliant lindsay working the bill, amanda cracking up, etc!
Too cute!
Happy bday allie!

e said...

perfect model posing. all you girls are so stinking cute!!

Linds said...

haha - love the post. hilarious. Good luck with the party today... take notes and pics.. i want to hear the stories. :) xo.

Anonymous said...

If only we took pics at every Girls Night...I think they would all be the same: Linds behaving, Al being a ham, Nicole looking fab, Amanda giggling, and me...sitting there. Being pale. We make A perfect circle!