12 October 2009

Is it really the 12th already!?!

This month is flying by...
It's been busy as usual, I have come to realize that's just life.
Some of the latest highlights are as follows:
Taye's Superhero Party (seeing grown adults in capes and masks!) Don't worry I have some pictures hanging out on my camera and will upload soon.
Going back to a day shift, having evenings off is not too shabby.
Watching The Office wedding. Please, someone out there tell me you "almost" teared up too :)
And, watching my cousin Makenzie perform at the Seahawks game this past Sunday. She is quite the little superstar dancer! My friend Lindsey has season tickets and generously invited me along. We slipped down to the 1st level before half-time so we could have a good view of Miss Makenzie. The usher was great at helping us find a good spot to watch. Come to find out, he wanted to make sure I had a nice view of my "daughter." That's right folks I have seemed to age rather drastically overnight, I have gone from being mistaken as my cousin's sister to mother. Hey, we all gotta grow up sometime.


Melissa Gullberg said...

I can't wait to see the superhero pictures :)

christy said...

Fun! And... I wouldn't say "almost". I totally teared up. :)

e said...

i'm with christy. i DID tear up. as i'm sure you could guess. 'plan A would have been marrying her a long, long time ago.' gah!! ;)

Robin said...

ya, Mark an dI both teared up. Loved the look Pam gave Jim when he said he was waiting for his wife. So cute. :) I like day shifts for you! How's the unpacking going?