22 October 2009

I know, I know, my blogging skills have not been exactly stellar lately. But, truthfully I haven't had a ton to say. We've been busy as usual...

We bought a new Pur Pitcher, so long tap water.

Kelly had a surprisingly restful hunting trip. Bambi lived to see another year, but he had a great time hiking around and enjoying the fresh Eastern WA air with his Dad. They ditched the fridgid tent and stayed in a toasty mobile home, a decision well made!

I hosted a sleepover at my house, where we too ditched the sleeping patterns of old (or rather young) no sleeping bags on the floor here. Instead of bringing a sleeping bag one brought an air mattress!

As for work... well, I will soon blog about some 911 calling tips, but for now my work story has nothing to do with the job itself... It's funny you know, because just this morning I was laughing at myself for only thinking of the Pur Pitcher to blog about, it seems I spoke or thought too soon because this afternoon a co-worker provided some great material:

Context: Conversation about sinus infections. Then on to the "Neti Pot"... Then on to deviated septums..

Then on to:

Co-worker: Did you break your nose?

Me: Hmm?

Co-worker:Did you break your nose? I've been wondering about "The Bump?"

Me: Um... Yes, I have broke my nose twice, but the bump was there long before that.

Co-worker:Oh, I've just been wondering about "The Bump!"

Me:Nope, it's just the way I was made. One of my Native American traits I guess...

Co-worker:Sure, okay.

I have been asked that question at least a half dozen other times. But, today it just felt a little weird. Maybe I'm being more sensitive or maybe it was the fact that perhaps while I was talking to distressed citizens she was possibly trying to figure out how I got "The Bump." Anyway, at least it made for some half way decent blogging material. And hey, maybe you too had been curious how my nose came to be. And, now you know, God put it on my face just as it is, "The Bump" and all :)


kelsy lange said...

Glad to hear an update Nicole! Can you post some more pics of your new house? I'd love to see!

Our growing family said...

Um...what bump? Seriously, I have never noticed! I don't know if that makes me a good friend or a really bad one!?! =)

christy said...

Nicole - you are just gorgeous. I also have never noticed a bump! I am NOT lying.

e said...

um, what the heck. i've never seen a bump. nor would i WONDER about it, IF i had. people.