17 November 2009

12 Weeks!

Well, well, well...
I am done with my first trimester, my doctor told me that typically the 1st trimester symptoms fade by week 14-16, and I am hoping that holds true for me. If not, it is what it is :)
As for other pregnancy thoughts... here are a few:

Bra Shopping.
Increased Grocery Bill (thank you NFL appetite).
8:30 pm bedtime (no, not a typo).
A minimum of 2 visits to the commode per night.
Building excitement.
First sketches & ideas for the nursery.
Continued shock!

We had another ultrasound yesterday, and we were both amazed at the detail. We can see Baby's lips and nose and little arms... so precious. There is a super sweet (well, maybe only in the eyes of the parents) profile picture of Baby's face, I call it Baby's first headshot. I can already tell I will have to resist every urge to be the classic "stage mom." But, the doctor did say Baby was "posing perfectly." Either a sassy posing girl or a laid back little boy who happened to be in just the right position...
Oh, and Baby measured for the due date of June 1st, I am sure that is subject to change again, at least Baby is keeping up with one of our family mottos, SCWN (subject to change without notice).


e said...

"the commode"...lol. love you so much.

Our growing family said...

oh...I do hope you begin to feel better soon...it does seem like you have had it pretty rough. Not too much longer!
I can't wait to see what you do for the nursery. I am always excited to see nursery plans, but you are so good at decorating and even creating things yourself, that I just can't wait!!
SO excited for you still!!!!!!

I'm Tiffany Jeanne said...

great update! Ahhh, bra shopping. I never in my whole life thought I'd have SO many different sizes of bras in my dresser with so few from that collection that fit me.... :)

keep on getting all that rest....and don't feel bad, you're growing a little human!!!!

Allie Watson said...

Can't wait to hear more! I think it's harder for me waiting for Baby Smith to come than you. I really believe that.