09 November 2009

Being Pregnant:

Thank you for all of your encouraging comments about little Baby Smith, it really means a lot!
Per the request of a few faithful readers, I am happy to share some tid-bits about how life has been while growing this little Baby...
Most of the time, brushing my teeth is rather counter productive. Don't worry, I power through and brush regularly, it just seems that each time I do I end up having to brush twice due to the much increased gag reflex. Fun times. Kelly has suggested I stop brushing my tongue, um no... sorry no can do.
Kelly, bless his heart, has been getting some real hands on practice of taking care of a sick "child." I have been playing the role of the 2 year old child. At least that is how silly I felt when I got sick all over the sheets, not even able to make it to the bathroom. Lovely.
Thankfully we just laugh, and honestly I just keep telling myself, sick Mommy healthy Baby. At least that is the hope!
Not every day is quite so dramatic, last week other than dealing with a bit of stress at work, I felt pretty darn good. The days I get sick actually aren't too bad. They by far beat the 2 weeks I spent nauseous from morning till night. Praise the Lord (and knock on wood) that that phase has past.
I don't write this to complain, trust me I already know it will be worth it, but you already know I'm beaming from ear to ear, and truthfully beaming is usually not as interesting to read about.
So, hopefully I didn't make you too sick, I'll write more soon...


Bridget Beth said...

Oh Nicole! I am so there with you! Just hold on for the 2nd trimester..it's glorious :)

Robin said...

you're so cute. :) I kept saying the same thingin the first trimester- the sicker I am, the better the baby is...and really, when else can you actually get sick and also smile? :) I'm so excited to share this experience with you nicole! Fun times and what a gorgeous pregnant woman you already are!

Jennie said...

Nicole, not that I'm a veteran pregnant woman, but have you spoken to your doctor about taking vitamin B6? I was told I could take 50mg three times a day and it works wonders. Congrats again!