29 December 2009

Feeling Jolly!

Remember a little while back I mentioned that someone very special to me was also expecting...
Well, with the permission of the mom to be, I am excited to reveal that my sister is pregnant!
With not one, but TWO babies!! That's right, she's having twins!
As any good sisters would do, we teased our brother about his little belly, he assured us that soon we will both be passing him up! I'm afraid he is right!
*PS Tiffany is due June 29th, and the family is anxiously awaiting January 25th to find out if the little ones are boys, girls, or one of each!


Our growing family said...

NO WAY!!!!
Oh, I'm so excited for her-and TWINS!!!! So awesome!
I hope she doesn't have terrible morning sickness!
I am so excited that you and your sister get to be prego together! How fun!
Hope you are feeling well!
love to you,
ps...I was wondering about that recently-so glad you didn't forget to post who it was! =)

anne said...

Next Christmas is going to be three times the fun! With your little one and her twins...OH.MY.GOODNESS! How exciting for your family! :)

Okay, so when is she due? I'm curious as to how far apart your kiddos will be. So fun!

Allie Watson said...

Aww...Josh! Haven't seen him for years!! Okay. Why do neither of you gals LOOK pregnant? So jealous. You guys look so beautiful-the glow. :) Love ya!

J&A said...

How exciting is this?!?! Oh how fun! Those cousins will be SO loved!! Congrats to you and your family! Does she know what she's having yet? Girls, Boys, girl AND boy?? Congrats again! Yay for 2010!

Robin said...

Fun! You two are so cute and your tiny little belly makes me smile. :) What fun you and your sis will have together!