07 January 2010

Pregnancy Post

Per the request of a few, I promise to post some belly pics soon. Kelly snapped a couple the other day, but I'm not sure where he hid his camera... But, the above picture of Snugs is way cuter anyway!
As for how am I feeling etc... well, the truth is I had a pretty rough week. Sunday & Monday I was the sickest I've been the entire pregnancy. Tuesday was okay, and yesterday I only got sick one time right before bed which made it a pretty good day! Today, I feel 'normal' again and am very very thankful for that. I have decided that the whole "you'll feel great in your second trimester" thing is quite possibly another wives tale... I have enjoyed having more energy though, so at least for me that part is still true!
Still, don't feel too bad for me, Kelly has been taking care of me. A surprise spa day, pregnancy pillow, and running to the store for many Sprite refills, so yeah life really isn't too shabby :)
Plus, tomorrow we get to have another ultrasound and see Baby Girl! That makes it all worth it, I just love this little girl so much already!
And now, for a story I thought very much blog worthy...
Last week, my body decided that it would be a great idea to grow an extra layer of fat over my thighs and upper arms. Thus creating a very over stuffed sausage feel while wearing any remotely fitted jeans. Up till this point the Bella Band has been my best friend, and although we had the below incident, I think she will still be my BFF throughout pregnancy. Anyway, back to sausage legs. By the end of my work week, my laundry was piled high, and I was sick of feeling uncomfortable. So, I had a brilliant idea... I would wear a pair of too big maternity pants with the Bella Band! Brilliant right? (the idea is on the package, so credit is all Bella's) Thankfully my work has a very casual dress policy, so I slipped on my big pants, by band, my need to do laundry silky magenta panties and headed to work.
I was feeling great, oh so comfy and proud that I had figured out a solution to my problem. Until... I felt a bit of a draft. I reached behind me and felt something that should not be exposed, my panties. Panic filled my heart as I realized that my pants were well over 3/4 of the way down my bum! I was literally sitting at my desk in my underwear! What in the world, I hadn't felt anything move, nothing! I had felt as secure as can be with my Bella Band still wrapped snuggly around my belly. But apparently the combo of band, huge pants, and slippery undergarments was just too much!
I yanked up my pants, put myself on a break and headed to the bathroom to try and repair the serious wardrobe malfunction.
I like to think I had just adjusted myself and only sat pantless for a moment or so, but the truth is, it could have very well been 5 minutes or 50 minutes plus.
I spent the rest of the day wearing my sweater around my waist, real cute when it barely fits around. And, this week I went back to my favorite, dresses and leggings.
Lessons learned: do laundry, pay attention to drafts, don't wear pants that are way too big!


Stefanie said...

oh my word! Why do these things always happen to you??? You crack me up!

I cannot wait for the belly pics and also pics of the new baby things! I hope you start to feel really good soon, you deserve it!

Amanda said...

You never fail to make me laugh out loud (while I'm supposed to be working and not looking at your blog)!

It is hard to follow Smith Baby Bump Watch 2010 without pictures, so some more would be GREATLY appreaciated!! =)

Don't hestitate to schedule a girls night at your house either when you need a few extra hands... you already know Allie is the laundry Queen, Jess can tackle the cleaning, and Lindsey and I can keep you company (or help out a little too)!!

Linds said...

I'll cook...lol. :)

haha - just for the record, I saw nicole the other day and she's still as cute and little as can be. :) Her belly is precious and growing, but "sausage" is definitely not a word that comes to mind when looking at her arms/legs. :)

so excited for this little girl.. feel better soon!

christy said...

Thanks for the laugh! Oh man that is too funny. Don't you love all those bodily changes that happen with being pregnant? I remember being stubborn about not wearing maternity pants... until one day when I had on my last pair of jeans and could NOT bend my body enough to sit down in the car! ha!

Allie Watson said...

I also did not get maternity pants, but in all fairness I was pregnant in the spring and summer. LOL Nicole I could actually hear you telling the story as I read it. It belongs in a mag...so cute can't wait to see you! I'm not buyin the sausage legs either...

e said...

i CANNOT imagine this.
i have slippers made by bunnies-by-the-bay and they are the most comfortable things ever. wish they made adult 'snugs' ;)

Melissa Gullberg said...

this one made me laugh :)
I'm so jealous that you get to get these boots now that you're having a girl :) If I find out I'm having a girl as well, i'll have to send you to Sumner to fetch me a pair as well...
Love you friend, hope you keep feeling better.

Our growing family said...

I really love bunnies by the bay...we used to visit their store before catching a ferry.
Pregnancy. Oh pregnancy. The stories are always horrible and hilarious (later of course)!
Yea, I am sick longer and longer...this last time it was like week 23/25 that I finally didn't feel yucky. But, I'll be praying that you feel better really soon!!!
Love you tons!