25 January 2010

Casting Call/Go See...

I just received an email from the modeling/booking agent at my agency, she is looking for the following Petite Woman:
Dress size 6/8 - 8/10
Height 5.3 or 5.4
So, if you fit the description or you know someone who does and is interested in a print model job, please comment or email me. I don't have any details of what/who the job is for, I just know she is on the hunt and would love to see pics of any new faces!
And, please don't underestimate yourself, print modeling is often "real people" so even if you don't feel like Heidi Klum(I mean, who really does, except for Heidi herself), send me your picture!!! :)


Our growing family said...

i fit that description, but I guess it wouldn't work for people in a different state, huh! =)
Are you going to do any prego modeling???????

kel said...

Well, I guess I am. I'm almost 5'4", and pretty much a 6/8 although sometimes I am a 4/6.

Sounds like fun, although I probably don't look "exciting or unique" enough to model. :)

deena said...

that's me too. but i am probably too old. i did do some modeling for Lamonts in high school. hahahahahahaha ;)

Robin said...

Do they take women with pot bellies? :)