29 January 2010

Tiffany's Babies!!!

Well, the above little guy isn't exactly a baby, but he is equally as adorable!
Last Summer before my sister was pregnant, Taye began asking for not one, but 2 siblings. He wanted 1 boy and 1 girl. I vividly recall Tiffany and I trying to explain to him that he would only get one (at least one at a time). Either a brother or a sister. Taye did not seem at all satisfied with this explanation, and so went along requesting "1 boy baby and 1 girl baby."
Just a few short months later, my sister found out she was pregnant! So exciting, and this little guy would be getting a sibling!
A few short weeks later, she found out she was pregnant with twins, two siblings!!
Then began the cuteness of Taye showing everyone the ultrasound pictures. In November he sat on my lap and very sweetly pointed out who he called his "baby brother and baby sister." Thus beginning the conversation of maybe you will have 2 sisters or 2 brothers. "NO. One brother and one sister."
He went to one of the early ultrasounds and said he really liked watching them on the "tb (tv) thing."
So, when last monday rolled around, the day of the boy/girl ultrasound. Taye insisted on going! The night before, Tiffany once again tried to explain that tomorrow you may find out you are having 2 brothers or 2 sisters. Taye responded as such... "Ahhhh, that is not how it works!"
So, can you guess what they found out on Monday???
That's right, Taye will be having a brother and sister! And, he was not at all surprised. If anything he is probably relieved that everyone will stop trying to tell him differently. He has known it was going to be "Truck" and "Baby Girl" all along. Yes, he has already named them. He is quite pleased with himself. When asked what his sister should be named he replied, "Hmm... something girly, like Baby Girl." As for our daughter, Taye called that too, he said all along that we would have a girl. And now, he has decided the perfect name for her... "Uncle Kelly."
So, look forward to many more posts anticipating the birth of Truck, Baby Girl, and Uncle Kelly.
And yes, he is wearing a Snuggy in those pictures. While sporting his Snuggy on Christmas, he very eloquently explained...
"You can play bideo(video) games,
sit on the couch and eat pawcorn(popcorn) while you watch a moobie(movie)...
And, (delivered very excitedly while standing up, he explained to the family) you can even cook in it! Cause your hands are free (of course demonstrating the hands free part)."
Apparently the advertising is very effective in the 4 year old market. You know, with all the cooking he does and everything, who wouldn't need a backwards robe(as my sister called it).


ZCloyd said...

Most awesome kid ever..and I havent even met him lol.

Allie Watson said...

Oh my gosh. This is the cutest post ever! Love ya and yer belly ;)