29 January 2010

Picture and Prayer Request:

Per the request of my sister, I have posted yet another picture of myself. When I talk to her she practically demands a photo! Well, I attempted to equally demand one of her, to which she replied... "I don't have anywhere to post one." Hmm... Sounds like someone needs a blog! I have been doing my best to harass her to make a blog, yes she is very busy, but wouldn't you like to hear more stories about the little guy in the below post and more about her 2 little giants (I forgot to mention her twins are in the 96% for size)... We just have to laugh because she is so itty bitty.
The picture above was snapped last night, I was doing my best to push my stomach out as far as possible. Yes, you read that right, I was trying to look as big as I could because the snapshot was being submitted for a pregnancy photo shoot. I am just under 2 weeks smaller than the company requested. But, I made the cuts and have a go-see on Saturday!
And, a big change in topic and tone.
Kelly's Grandpa, who we call W.W. (William Wesley), had a stroke on Wednesday. He is still in the hospital and will be moving to a rehab facility within the next couple of days. Right now, the big prayer request is that he would be able to swallow. His limbs are moving fairly well, except for his right arm. He is a fighter and we are praying that he makes a miraculous recovery. Also, please pray for Kelly's Grandma, Pat. They have been married for 65 years, still wink at each other, and are just about as cute as they come. She is holding up well, all things considered.


Our growing family said...

I will pray!
You look wonderful!
Taye is so adorable...I love it when a kid "calls the shots" and God ends up doing just that-hilarious!

Robin said...

YOU are gorgeous! I have a hard time remembering what I looked like when my belly was that small, so having some pictures to remind yourself will help! =) Also- love the post below about Taye- can't believe he "knew" what the babies were going to be! What fun your fmaily has in store this year! I will be praying for Kelly's grandparents and I will miss you this Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

You are one beautiful pregnant lady!