18 February 2010

But really, I blame myself...

Last week, after a certain post (can you guess which one???),
I came home to Exhibit A:
Because of Exhibit B:
All he had to say for himself was,
"I'm an enabler."
Yes, yes he is.
Kelly wanted me to take out all of the food to show you everything we were going to consume, but even as a pregnant woman I couldn't bare the humility. In my defense I will say, one bag housed Kelly's chicken taco salad (no ranch), and the little bag contained a half dozen salsa's for his salad. He likes Taco Time salsa, a lot. As for the other bag, the huge one, that would be all me... I'll leave it to your imagination.
But, don't worry. I will not be in need of an intervention, at least not tonight. Tonight, I am going to dinner (at a much much tastier venue than even Taco Time!) to celebrate my Grandparents' 55th Wedding Anniversary!
In Kelly and my wedding video, they were asked "what's the secret to a long and happy marriage?" Grandma, with a smile on her face enthusiastically said, "Perseverance!" Papa simply said, "Well, you stick with your partner."
They have persevered and stuck by each other's side, and have been and continue to be an incredible example of two people who really love each other.
As for this picture... I guarantee you if myself or one of the other ladies in my family had sat on my Grandpa's (we call him Papa) other side in this picture, he would have said something to the likes of...
"A rose between two thorns" :)
My Grandma would shake her head, the other "thorn" would provide a similar, probably more vocal reaction, and then we would all laugh. Papa would be quite pleased with himself, and just like that, another moment would become one of our many many memories.
I love you Grandma & Papa!

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