18 February 2010


2nd post of the day,
just a warning because I think I have a 3rd one brewing...
This one is just a bit of a ramble:
I love this picture and all it's imperfections.
I love that it was taken after we each worked a long 10 hour day.
That I could really care less that it shows my new 37 chins.
I love that it highlights our "prized possession" refrigerator. The item that we were so convinced would have to go immediately upon moving in. 5 months later, there it sits in all its splendor, and is quite the conversation piece. And, that up until 5 seconds ago, I thought the word refrigerator had a 'd' in it.
I love that you can see a little bit of one of the teacups given to me by my Grandma sitting on said refrigerator with no d.
I love that Kelly wears that smile everyday.
Does he want to everyday? Probably not.
Probably especially not on the nights I keep us both up tossing and turning,
or when I'm in so much pain he has to carry me to bed
(and I'm getting up there in weight),
or the times I need gas in my car at 5am...
This week, was a bit rough. I was in a great deal of pain do to some fancy word diagnosis I understand much better as... hip shifting, pinched nerves, disc issues. Good news is, Baby Girl is totally healthy and doesn't have a clue it is going on, it is only temporary, and Lord willing, will be cured with a bit of physical therapy, massage, and mid-wife recommended milkshakes. I've been in a few discussions lately about how perfect everyone's life seems on the blog world. I think 'seems' is the important word. That being said, I also think it is healthier to focus on the positives, to be real, but make effort to be thankful for the things that make you smile, and to try to smile even when you don't want to.
I enjoy reading blogs and seeing the joys of others' lives that they want to share on the world wide web. I also appreciate reading or seeing pictures of the real moments, and being able to ask for or pray with other bloggers. And, I'm thankful for my friends and family who help me get from post to post with phone calls, emails, and hugs.


Our growing family said...

great pic and post!
doesn't that fridge have tons of dents?...maybe you add more on purpose all over-it's already ruined, so why not?!!! it could look awesome!

e said...

getting a little teary here. i love you nicole!!

Stefanie said...

perfect post. Thanks!

Bridget Beth said...

By the way, this post makes me so happy!! I'm so sorry you've been in pain. I've been thinking of you!

Lindsey said...

love this. i cried (and laughed..). xo.