27 February 2010

What is it?

I was playing on "morphthing.com" and a thing is exactly what the site made. I plugged in a photo of Kelly and a photo of myself, and I think the above is a little boy with really thin old man hair but I'm not entirely sure. All I know is, it is creepy and I shall refrain from making another one.
Patience is a virtue, and I will just wait patiently to see what Baby Girl looks like, and try my best to not have nightmares of the above.


Melissa Gullberg said...

O w0w that's a little weird! I like the eyes though. I can't wait to see what baby girl will look like :)

Allie Watson said...

Oh. my. gosh. You know what's funny? Before I saw the explanation, I saw the photo and thought, Oh my she found one of those, "what would my baby look like" LOL Not bad! I'm 100% positive your little lady will be absolutely gorgeous. Maybe "morphTHING.com" should've tipped you off that it would be creepy. :)