02 March 2010

A little Kelly update:

These pictures are already floating around the web, so Kelly said he didn't mind if I shared them with the blog world. Last weekend Kelly participated in the Kent Mundell Memorial Shoot, it was a day of half training and half competition. In the photo below Kelly is in the tan hat and green & black jacket.
The fundraiser was open to both law enforcement and civilians. As you can tell, many of the participants were SWAT officers, who of course can't go anywhere without their 40lbs of gear. Kelly is the one shooting on the right hand side. I like to ask Kelly things like, "so is there a reason you're up on your left toes?" Because, almost always with shooting there is a reason for absolutely everything. The answer to that question was simple, "yes, because I have to be ready to quickly move left or right..." Oh, makes sense.
As for the gear... it's heavy, trust me (don't worry, it was brand new and didn't have the scent of hard work aka sweat on it):
And, here Kelly is on the right again, shooting a target 50 yards away. I asked "Um, is there a reason your legs are opened super wide like that?" I can't remember his exact words, but something about being better balanced, and he also pointed out how you have to square your shoulders to a target that far away.
I'm always a bit impressed and surprised by the complexity of shooting. Kelly absolutely loves learning about different techniques, studying (I'm sure none of his friends would call it this, but they basically have an unofficial book club, sharing books and discussing them), lots of practice/training, and as he would say "goofing." Anyway, it pays off because he won the competition and walked away with quite a few goodies from the many sponsors! Even better, the fundraiser raised over $10,000.00(the final numbers are not in yet) for the Kent Mundell Memorial Fund.
And, one of Kelly's friends just showed him this link, click here. That's Kelly in the picture. He's a print model too and we didn't even know it!


Melissa Gullberg said...

Sweet, way to go Kelly! Scott would love to hear about that, i'll have to show him the pics...

Lindsey said...

woah. kelly is a ballerrrrrr... seriously though, thats awesome. good work, officer kelly. what a great cause too. :)

i love that picture of you in his gear. hilarious. This is unrelated, but the pic reminded me that... in a weird way, i miss your old apartment. Don't get me wrong, your house now is SO BEAUTIFUL, but that time at the apartment was so great... hot yoga, days by the pool (with or without you), my first exposure to twilight with the trailer...after a nice little dinner with erin, looking through fonts for "polished," not working, summer of dresses, shopping for golf clothes - LOL!, our girls night out (and then in), dog barf...ew. haha.

that was a fun summer. happier things are happening now (baby smith, kelly is healthy, etc), but i don't know...I'll always think of your cute little 1bedroom with fond memories.

wow. what a novel. xoxo.

net-net, good work kelly. :)

e said...

lindsey! i loved those summer days too!!

and kelly...you're the man.

Robica said...

wow i think our boys would be bffs. :) and you look way tough in that picture.

Stefanie said...

oooh Matt would LOVE this!! He would have died to be in a shooting competition!! Congrats to Kelly!!!

LOVE the picture of you in the gear...you should frame it.

Allie Watson said...

Awesome Kelly :) Nic, you are so cute, so proud of your husband ;)I love it

Chris Campfield said...

Kelly is the man.