05 March 2010

Another week as a pregnant lady...

This evening I have my freshly pedicured feet up. I just got home from a manicure & pedicure, and oh boy was it an experience. I tried one of the local nail salons that advertised "mani & pedi only $30.00," there is a reason both cost less than what one would be elsewhere.
I received more of a finger polish than a nail polish, as in I have polish all over my hands. It is honestly humorous. Surprisingly though, I am actually quite happy with my toes. From way up here they look good (and with my belly I will not be bending down closer to inspect), and my feet feel smooth. Some of the smoothness is probably from the extra long soak they got. Partially through the pedicure the lady doing it asked if I minded soaking longer than normal, I said no, which I didn't. Then she got up to talk on the phone and wax some other customers brows. This being after I declined her offer to wax mine, she seemed disappointed and I thought are they that bushy?
When she returned she commented that "your feet do not swallow!" A bit confused I said "oh, yeah..." She then scooped one up and said "See it didn't swallow." I thought she was saying they were dry or didn't absorb water during the soak, I wasn't sure so I just shook my head and said "yeah, they're dry I'm not sure why..."
She then said (as clear as day and with hand gestures) "when I was pregnant my feet were very swollen." Oops, she was saying swollen not swallow. Trying to roll with it like I had known what she was saying the whole time, I held up my hands and said "my fingers have been swelling up though." She looked at me confused and said "hmm, that weird."
Ok, I'm done trying. I smiled and read Good Housekeeping while she spoke in a very loud language I didn't understand and her and the other ladies giggled. And no, it didn't make me feel even more self conscious, I felt great with my sausage fingers and bushy brows! At least I learned about the coolest hard boil egg timer ever... thank you Crate and Barrel click here. According to the G.H. review, no more guesswork when it comes to your eggs. Yes, I am quite excited about this.
On a different note, the wife of one of Kelly's co-workers made Baby Girl the below items. Yes, made them. I had only ever met her once in passing, and I was truly blown away by her generousity and creativity.
The cutest little blanket:
To use while wearing the sweetest little dress:
With matching bibs for if, or rather when, Baby Girl makes a mess. The bibs are so cute I don't know if I want to use them:
And shoes! She made shoes, amazing:
All I could add was...
you guessed it, a giant flower headband to put on Baby Girl's precious little noggin:

And, for any prego police, don't worry my feet were only crossed for the photo. My circulation is doing great and I am doing my best to keep my hips in line. After another episode of my S.I. joint going out/locking up on Monday, I am using all precautions to keep it in place. It has been quite the adventure getting pulled/yanked back into alignment. And as interersting as it is to hear that super loud pop, I would much rather keep my joints where they belong. To help make that possible, I was fitted for a beautiful brace. I pick it up Tuesday at my next appointment. That, along with my circulation tights and mouthguard should make for some pretty snazzy photos. Don't worry, I'll share them with you. Kelly is a lucky man I tell you, ha! Good thing laughter is known as some of the best medicine, we are both getting plenty of doses :)


Christie C. said...

Oh my goodness, that stuff is ADORABLE! Does she have an etsy shop?

anne said...

You are so funny! Seriously, I love reading your posts! :)

As for that baby outfit...OH MY GOODNESS! Too cute! I can't wait to see her decked out from head to toe. So sweet.

ZCloyd said...


I saw this, and thought of you. I could definitely see you doing this with girl baby.