22 March 2010

Birthday Highlights

As evidenced in the pictures, I was super tired after completing my first work week on my new shift. But, Kelly had a great little getaway planned, so we just took it nice and slow at a prego pace. We stayed at The Nines in Portland, I borrowed the above picture from the hotel website. And, the rest of the pictures are ones that we snapped on Kelly's little camera:
Birthday Flowers! I kept them in the garage while we were gone, hoping they would stay nice and cold so I could enjoy them when we got back. It seemed to work pretty well, and I think these are my new favorite color roses:
A nice little Birthday Greeting from the hotel:
I wasn't complaining :)
A little out of order, but after the Trailblazers game we were planning on checking out the El Gaucho Happy Hour for Steak Frites, but we were both beat so we opted for a little room service. A few hotel stays back, I discovered the room service kids menu! I'm not one for wanting to pay a bazillion dollars plus tip for a little bite, so the kids menus are quite the treasure. Very often the portions are almost equal to the regular portions yet for a fraction of the price. I first discovered this when Kelly was ordering some food and I thought hmm, I'm not super hungry so I'll just have the kids portion. I think he had all of one chicken strip (yes we order very gourmet entrees) more than me. Anyway, at The Nines I had a fancy buttery grilled cheese sandwich and fresh fruit. Delish.
Below, is a blurry picture of our elevator buddy. That's right, the Toronto Raptors were our neighbors on the 14th floor. We discovered this while waiting for the elevator down to the lobby. We were standing in the common area and in walked two very giant men. I say that because Kelly looked super short next to them! I had an akward "no, you go ahead moment" with the guy below. I think he was trying to decide if it would be more polite to let the pregnant lady waddle in before him, or if he should not squish me in the corner. I opted not to be squished, and I think we were all happy with the decision.
I didn't recogonize either of the two guys, and I didn't notice one of the guy's Raptor tattoo as Kelly later told me about. But, I did notice that when we got off of the elevator and started to follow them outside, we walked into a roped off team area where some of the more recognizable players were signing autographs. Hey, neither of us could see past them, so we were just following suit. I was relieved we hadn't put on our jerseys yet, may have been a little akward walking through a fan meet and greet wearing the opposing teams colors!
Later on, Kelly told me that he was trying to think of something to say on our elevator ride down, but all he could think was "You guys smell really good." I am seriously laughing to myself as I type this, I probably would have had a little accident if Kelly said that outloud, oh it would have been funny. And, I would have loved to see the looks on their faces!
I was a bit embarassed because while riding the free, clean, public transportation (how cool is that!) I kept forgetting who's jersey Kelly had bought me... All I could remember was that he was a fellow UW alum. Thankfully, when we arrived to the stadium half the crowd was wearing his jersey! So, it was pretty easy to remember I was wearing Brandon Roy's. Kelly's guy was easy to pick out because he was the only giant white guy out on the court, hey it is what it is! I wish we would have taken more pictures, I have to keep this because it is our only one, but it has got to be the most frumpy/tired pregnant picture I've taken to date.
On another note, I loved the decor of the hotel!
This chandelier would look great in my living room:

Oh, and how could I forget...
While walking around doing a little shopping, a homeless man yelled to me.
"Hey, look at your purse! (he then laughs) Is that patent leather, your purse looks like it is from the 80's (mumble mumble) patent leather's from the 80's"
I was trying so hard not to laugh, Kelly looked at the guy and gave him what I can only imagine to be the friendliest of expressions, and the man said,
"What, you think I'm gonna rob you!?!"
We kept walking and his girlfriend yelled to me,
"I like your dress"
I looked at her and said "Oh, thank you." Smiled and kept on walking.
Got to love the general public.


Melissa Gullberg said...

what a fun birthday adventure! Glad you guys had fun!

where did yout your purple coat? I reallylike it :)

e said...

i think you look beautiful. no don't roll your eyes, i'm serious.

one thing i love about the smiths: they know how to have fun.

Our growing family said...

That is too funny that you said you like the hotels decorations...the first pic w/you in your room, I thought "Oh, that room is perfect for Nicole!" =) It is totally your style! =)
Hope you had a wonderful bday! =)