21 March 2010

Blog Stalking Courtesy of:

A friend at work loaned me the above magazine. She was looking to get as much use out of it as possible as it cost $9.95! It made us laugh because one of the headliners on the issue she bought said "324 Best Uses for Bargain Finds, Steals, Deals..." And, we did not think $9.95 for 140 pages on finding deals was a steal. But alas, it did provide a good read, was colorful and full of fun ideas. One section that I particularly enjoyed featured some real life lady bloggers:
oh stink, I forgot to write down one of the blogs/sites (I'll add it later when I track it down).
the bloggers dining room, I'm loving all the cake stands.
she called them: "toasted marshmallow chocolate chip cookies" yum.

lots and lots of decor ideas!
And some other newbies (new to me) with decor flare!

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