28 April 2010

Kelly's Poker Party!

A little over 2 weeks ago, Kelly turned the big 28, to celebrate he had some of his friends over for a friendly game of Texas Hold'em... The evening started out with homemade lasagna (a variation of Emeril's, I briefly looked online to post a link to the recipe, but I couldn't find it, I'll try to remember to try again later or type it up). The lasagna is not difficult in terms of skill level, but it is a little time consuming, well worth it though! The 2 times I've made it, it has been oh so tasty. With the lasagna I served up the Olive Garden Salad (made with Romaine instead of Iceberg), and some garlic bread. I had a bit of a prego moment at Costco with the bread and thought I had bought Kelly's favorite crusty bread with big chunks of garlic in it... But no, I brought home two loaves of sourdough. I swear I put garlic bread in my basket. Anyway, I grabbed some bread from Albertson's made with "Garlic Spread," the ingredients were a little scary but I don't think the guys noticed. And now, I have two giant loaves of sourdough in the freezer.

Poker Chips, Snacks (some of Kelly's favorites: Maui BBQ Chips, Pub Mix, Peanut M&M's, Heath Bars, & Carrot Cake for dessert), & the Money Pot!

Don't worry, the pot grew, but I was long hibernating upstairs by the time that happened:
The computer for Pandora stations, a few borrowed chairs, and a table cloth that lasted for about 5 seconds. I was just thankful Kelly didn't have a problem with me decorating, selfishly I must admit that that part was probably more for me than him. But, I like to tell myself that he liked. I used self control (and remembered that Kelly would flip if I climbed on a step ladder) and opted to not put up the streamers I purchased.
A few guys broke the "no gifts" request, but if you are an Office fan you will be so glad they did. Remember when Angela gave Dwight a custom made bobblehead of himself...
Well, apparently anyone can send in a photo and have a bobblehead made. Kelly is the bobblehead!
Lastly, I asked the guys if I could snap a few photos before retreating for the night. As you can tell, Kelly already has his "poker face" on. Cracks me up a little.

By the amount of food consumed, laughs had, and hours spent playing, I would say it was a success!

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Stefanie said...

looks like everyone had a great time!