28 April 2010

Tiffany's Shower!

My only regret is not taking more pictures. I realized that I definitely do snap more photos with my big ol' camera than I do with Kelly's. But nonetheless, I at least wanted to share these with you! Tiffany's shower was so much fun, how could it not be with 2 little ones to be excited for!?! The colors for the shower were Navy Blue, Pale Pink, Yellow & some Tan tones here and there. My friend and fellow blogger Lindsey created some beautiful custom invitations, click here to take a look, but the online image does not do them justice. She also helped with little signs, of which I only snapped a picture of one:
We had a raffle, and the basket was filled with all kinds of Essential goodies for two little babies!
I forgot to take a picture, but I filled apothecary jars with pink candies and tied blue ribbons around the jars. Otherwise my Aunt Michelle and Grandma handled all the food! What a blessing, to both myself and everyone's bellys :)

My aunt made Martha Stewart chocolate cupcakes and my cousin Makenzie decorated them with Barefoot Contessa cream cheese frosting. We had pink punch and little candybars decorated by my aunt's friend Kathy were sprinkled around the table.

The lunch menu was absolutely delicious, very fresh and colorful, again I apologize for the lack of photos... but you can imagine:
Chicken Salad Sandwiches on Mini Croissants
Fresh Fruit Salad
Tortelloni Pesto Pasta Salad
Chips & Onion Dip
Veggies & my aunt's famous Ranch Dip
Crackers & Cranberry Cheese Spread
... and I may be forgetting something... but it was all super tasty!
And the above... let's just say it is an example of me being a little over ambitious. I planned on covering at least a case of waterbottles in pink, yellow, and blue. I ended up with 5 pink covered bottles and called it good. It was one of my projects that I planned to complete during Kelly's poker party. But, after I fell asleep on the office floor I waddled into the bedroom and decided my sister would understand if I opted to sleep.
Kathy also made the favors! Adorable covered chocolate bars. The above is a picture of the back "nutrition facts" too cute!
Below, my beautiful sister opening her gifts. Don't you just love her dress? I do, just wait...
My Grandma bought my Baby Girl the same precious dress (below), Tiffany and I are looking foward to dressing the girls up alike. My family jokingly refers to the babies as the triplets!
In fact, we are so looking forward to dressing our girls alike, that we embraced the idea ourselves:
Ha ha, just kidding. This was not planned, at all... Tiffany arrived to my house in the above dress and I started laughing out loud, I was still in my jeans and tank top, but I quickly showed her what I had just ironed and was running upstairs to change into. I offered (a bunch) to find something else to wear. But, my sister graciously encouraged me to wear what I had planned, she understands that finding an alternative dress that fit me may have been a big task! Anyway, I was debating between my boots (we have the same ones!) or white leggings. I went with the leggings and a chunky necklace. We decided we were modeling two different ways to accessorize the dress, and we pretended that our dresses were intentially reflecting the Twins theme!

And... Brace yourself for the final photo. I'm serious, don't say I didn't warn you. It was unintentional, but we couldn't erase it because how often do you and your sister look like one big pregnant monster(sorry Tiff, my vocabulary is suffering and I couldn't think of a different word than monster)...


Our growing family said...

oh, nicole! You guys look wonderful! I love the pictures of you guys wearing the same dress...that is so adorable! =) You guys both have good taste! It looks like your sis is probably having to carry around that belly...I'll be keeping her in my prayers! So excited that she gets TWO blessings!!
I can't believe you are almost done! WOOHOO!!!

Stefanie said...

love the dresses!! You both look adorable!!

Robin said...

You are so cute Nicole! And you guys sure know how to throw a party! You and Tiffany are so blessed to share your pregnancies together- how fun! Can't wait to see pictures of "the triplets"!