29 April 2010

My new favorite salad:

My Aunt Michelle & Grandma made a spinach salad as one of the dishes for my shower. My Grandma told me the ingredients, but the info seemed to fall out of my brain. The below is a combo of what I remembered and what sounded good:
Fresh Spinach
Hard Boiled Egg
Toasted Almonds (sliced)
Dried Cranberries (aka Craisins)
Shredded Cheese (whatever is in the refrigerator, this round it was your basic cheddar)
Cooked Bacon or Bacon Bits
Cracked Pepper
Poppyseed Salad Dressing (I may have used a bit much, but I really like it)
It has been a great salad to take to work, as it is surprisingly filling. Kelly and I had it for dinner the other night, and we were thinking some grilled shrimp would be really good on top!

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