09 April 2010

Today is Kelly's Birthday!!!

It has been quite a year for him, lots of highs and lows and thankfully some regular days too. He weathered this year with a smile on his face, and was never afraid to face the next challenge. Pregnancy hormones or not, I tear up just thinking about this past year and how proud of him I am! So, at the risk of making any or all readers nauseous, I give you the following:

Kelly spent this past year...
Relaxing in Hawaii and surviving one crazy sunburn.
Finally getting cleared to run after spending 9 months recovering from his back injury. His first day cleared he ran 10 miles. When he reported back to his doctor, his doctor said "I meant try a mile at most and see how you feel." I guess he should have been more specific.
Kelly did heed to the doctor's advice and became a "spinner" and continued to heal.
In August things started to get a little crazy at work. He faced more excitement than either of us ever wished for.
In the midst of what sometimes felt like chaos we also bought a house and found out we were pregnant! Kelly shocked himself with all of his joyful tears... they've come just about everytime we've heard her heartbeat. And, he'll even admit it!
Then, Fall came and Kelly attended more memorial services through December than he had in his entire life combined. Yet, he still managed to be my best traveling companion and make time for a weekend away in Leavenworth. To "focus on the fam."
The first few months of 2010 were equally jam packed with both good and not so good excitement. It seems the list could just keep going on and on...

In addition to the ever growing list of highs and lows came quite an accumlulation of new titles, including:
Officer of the Year 2009 (Runner Up)
Best Defensive Basketball Player (Ha ha, he will totally crack up when he reads that, but it's true. As voted by the local Fire Department)
SWAT Firearm Instructor
Daddy to Baby Girl Smith
And this past month, Marathon Runner. He completed the run 16 pounds lighter than when he started training in January! I definitely would not say those pounds were lost. No, as a couple we really do share everything. And, I know exactly where they are. Baby Girl and I took it upon ourselves to take one for the team and those pounds(plus some) are the reason I can no longer see my feet.

But, still my favorite title for him is my husband. Don't worry, I have not relocated to La La Land. I am still very much residing in reality, and that is why I am so so thankful to be on this hectic, never slowing down, sometimes scary, always crazy, joyful adventure, with him.

Happy Birthday Kelly, love you to pieces! Thank you for always being game for anything :)


e said...

a wonderful tribute to a great man! love you kelly; HAPPY birthday. :)

Melissa Gullberg said...

Happy Birthday from the Gullberg fam! wish we could be there to wish you that in person! Have a wonderful day.

tiffany jeanne said...

what a sweet post for your main squeeze! And your hat? i LOVE it! love love love it!!!