13 May 2010

Aprons & Smibs

A smib is a smock/bib, available here if interested:

This picture was taken almost 3 weeks ago at my church's annual Ladie's Tea. I'm so glad we (my friend Kea and I) had this picture snapped, because the very next day she had her little baby boy Sawyer. He is adorable and his arrival definitely got Kelly and I excited, pregnancy really doesn't last forever, and you really do get a baby in the end! :)

The theme of the tea was centered around aprons and the traditions and memories of aprons. Some women brought in or wore special aprons and shared about them. During the devotion time, the speaker was talking about the history of aprons and all of the uses they used to have; like gathering eggs or fresh vegetables, wrapping or 'hiding' small children, wiping runny noses or little cuts... as the list kept going on, I felt myself feeling a little queasy. Imagine what that must have smelled like, or how unsanitary would that be to wipe your sweaty brow, blow your childs nose, maybe tend to his or her scraped knee... and then dry your hands on the same cloth while you're kneading the bread dough?!

Anyway, as I sat at the table surrounded by sweet ladies in their aprons, sipping tea, another woman and myself caught each other's eye. I assumed we were on the same page as we both mouthed in unison (well almost unison) "that's so..." I said "gross" and she said "cute." Oh dear, I felt a little akward and tried to make my facial expressions match hers, convincing myself that maybe she didn't notice what I said. I realized I was very likely the only one in the room not getting wrapped up in how sentimental aprons once were. As women continued to chat about how they wanted to bring apron wearing back, I quietly laughed to myself...

In some ways I have been bringing apron wearing back in my own life. The last couple of years I have started wearing an apron while baking, I've been blessed with the amazing skill of getting flour absolutely every where. But even more recent, I have found a use for an apron outside of the kitchen.

Are you ready? Well, as embarrassed as I am to admit it, the last couple of months I have consumed quite a bit of food while behind the wheel. Often it was while I was on my way to work and got struck with the "I must eat now" feeling, or sometimes I would optimize sleep and then grab snacks from home to eat on the way to work. Not ideal, but some days sleep was very very important. Anyway, you can probably guess where I sport an apron.

Yes, in the car! Don't worry, I order my food and then before merging back on the main road I slip on my apron. I feel quite ridiculous each and every time. But, let me tell you, by the time I am finished eating I have no regrets. I've decided I would rather feel silly sitting in my apron in my vehicle, than model leftovers on my clothes all day at work!

As for smibs. I probably really would buy an adult size one if they were available. However, I'm certain it would not be as cute as I am picturing it on Baby Girl! Hopefully my drive thru food habit will subside and Baby Girl can grow up with a more traditional view of an apron. Otherwise, I fear the stories she would one day be able to share at the Ladie's Tea.


Our growing family said...

ADORABLE!! I love it! I don't think it is weird at all...then again...I am an odd gal, so maybe others will think it is! I just wish I had thought of it first! I should pack aprons for the kids when we go on trips and end up eating in the van and they make a mess!
Oh Congrats to Kea!! How exciting!
I was thinking "GROSS" too with the stories you were sharing! I'm kind of like that though...I have to have a towel hanging from my apron that I only wipe my hands on. We did read a book for school recently that was laura ingalls wilder style/setting and the mom put clean aprons ontop of the dirty ones all day...maybe these gals telling the stories did the same thing and didn't mention that part! =)
I wish I liked aprons more. I'm terrible about ruining my clothes because I don't wear them. I think they are adorable on other people, but I kind of feel huge when I wear one! Oddly, Tim loves how I look in one!;) Cracks me up! =)

Our growing family said...

ps...Keaton just walked over and I said, "Look how big Auntie Nicole is getting! Isn't she adorable!"
He said, "I don't remember her being that big!"
Nearly laughing I said, "Honey, she's going to have a baby, did you forget that?"
Yet he was still stuck on, "Last time I saw her she wasn't that big."
Little boys are so funny! I had to say over and over that you are pregnant and point to your tummy...I think he finally got it.
And, I hope you take "big" in a good way! =) YOUR NINE MONTHS PREGNANT!!! AND YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!WOOO HOOO!!! You did it! You're in the final days!

christy said...

Oh man... that's hilarious! Wish I could see could see you driving along wearing it! But really - great idea. I might steal it. :)