18 May 2010

Can dishwashers be pretty?

I am currently waiting for the following to arrive:
Kelly and I survived 5 weeks without a working dishwasher. Although we weathered this storm, I must admit we were quite pathetic and sometimes (like now) our kitchen was quite smelly. I am super thankful we will have a dishwasher before Baby Girl arrives. I have to laugh at myself because growing up we did not have a dishwasher until I was a sophomore in high school! Shocking, I know. And now... Kelly and I struggle through a short 5 weeks. We've eaten cereal out of mixing bowls and used more than our share of paper plates. We really are spoiled, aren't we!?!
It kind of reminds me of when Kelly and I were living in Burbank and we had to use a shared laundry room. My sister had warned me and said that I would get to the point where I would buy underwear just so I wouldn't have to do laundry as much. I politely laughed and agreed, thinking it won't be that bad...
I was right, it wasn't that bad, it was worse. Once again, spoiled Kelly and Nicole did not do so well. We hit rock bottom when Kelly was out of underwear, all of the washers were in use, and he had to work later that day. I don't remember exactly why I didn't run to the store, perhaps because I was too stubborn... Anyway, I hand washed some underwear and tied them to the ceiling fan to dry. It worked, we laughed, and I thought never again!
...Gotta go the dishwasher is here!


ZCloyd said...

haha that is so awesome, you had Kelly's underwear swinging from the ceiling fan! That's love right there, plain and simple.

Our growing family said...

that is hilarious!!
I remember being very largely prego with keaton and having to drag our laundry to the community laundry too! It was so much work going up and down the stairs that I would also wait until we were desperate to do laundry!!! =)
good times...yet, SO THANKFUL for our own washer and dryer!

Stefanie said...

hahaha oh I love you guys!