18 May 2010

My favorite (and now finished!) room in the house...

Welcome to Baby Girl's Nursery!
Just a little advanced warning, I included a lot of details for the few readers who are a bit nosy like me. When reading room reveal type posts I think the more info the merrier. If that's not your style, hopefully you can at least enjoy the pics!
We picked out the paint colors first, they are originally Benjamin Moore colors, but to save a few dollars and brain cells (they were not available VOC free in the BM colors), we had them color matched and mixed at Sherwin Williams. I copied the wall color from here, and the ceiling color is just a couple shades lighter. This is the view from the hallway looking in, the other door is to her closet.
I can't find the rug online, but it was purchased at Target. It is the brand Circo and was in the children's bedding department. The texture reminds me of confetti and the colors were perfect for helping bring all of the colors in the room together! I think we paid around $70.00 and it is approx 75"x50". Here hang the infamous "flower balls" that I previously posted about, a friend of mine pointed out that I could have called them hanging flower bouquets, which I agree sounds much much classier. I originally made these in place of a traditional mobil, however the thought of the ribbons dangling above Baby Girl's crib made us a bit nervous. So, we opted to hang them on this formerly black iron hanger ($2.00 from Ben Franklin) that Kelly spray painted white. Next to it is the Etsy Alphabet Print we purchased a few months ago. Thankfully, now I know N is for Newt!
Her little bookcase, filling up with lots of good reads, including Good Night Seattle (found at Costco)! Most of the other items are gifts, like the Snuggs, and a few are finds I've blogged about, like the giant Marshalls Piggy Bank.

A fairly new addition to the room is Baby Girl's Baby Book (from Babies R Us). I really wanted something simple and classic that I felt like I could actually complete. I've started filling out everything I can so far, but we'll see how that goes once she arrives...
Now, looking back at the entry door:
A little number "print." I put it in quotes because it is simply a piece of paper I bought from Impress Stamps. Hanging below it are two gifts that were just too cute to hide in the closet. A newborn sunhat that I can't wait for her to sport, and a tutu that is probably wider than she will be tall, love it!
Next up, her dresser/changing table. I found a rug non slip pad in the Target dollar section that I cut to fit under the changing pad. The pad is from Babies R Us, and the cover from Target. The little whale is a Dr. Seuss character that was just given to her a couple of days ago. It has been so fun to watch the room come together, a few things planned and then most things not. The dresser and bookshelf were our splurge items for the room. They were purchased from Costco and are the brand Cafe Kid. It is our hope that Baby Girl can use these for many years to come. The dresser area is also where we are currently housing all of the baby "equipment" for lack of a better word. Like her monitor, diaper champ, and wipes warmer. Still hidden is the humidifier, which will find its home in our room where we plan to have her sleep for a while.
Next to the dresser is an Ikea side table, only $7.99, and the lamp is one that used to be in our room. I purchased it about 4 years ago at a TJ Maxx store. Below the table are sturdy gift boxes (I think they are from Costco) for extra storage down the road.
I searched high and low for curtains, and was debating between making my own or ordering a pair of very cute, but not very practical, ones from Land of Nod. Until one day I was walking in, yes you guessed it... Target, and saw these. At first I didn't realize I was looking at them backwards, and I thought perfect, light pink blackout curtains with a little flare of hot pink. I was wrong, they are indeed hot pink curtains, but if you just flip those bad boys around and trim off the tag, voila, practical and affordable curtains! The tie backs are basic shepherd hook style tie backs that I hot glued ginormous flowers onto.
The rocking chair was another bargain. I debated, do I spend hundreds on one that doesn't look like a traditional glider, or do I order this??? As you can tell, the bargain hunter in me won, and I am very happy with my choice. Next to the bookcase is a basket/bin I am reusing from my first shower, it is currently holding all of Baby Girl's blankets.
Hmm... What do those letters mean? Well, although I still like calling our little one Baby Girl, she does in fact have a name! Her name is
Georgiana Lee Smith.
I made the shadow box with paper from Impress, a little ribbon, hot glue, and a spray painted G (thank you Kelly) from Ben Franklin. The other two letters came from Sugarbabies.
After the paint, the first thing we bought was her quilt (I blogged about it earlier, it is Martha Stewart's Numbers baby quilt, it came from Macy's, but is no longer available). Like the rug and alphabet print it has all of the colors of her room in it. So, it is my hope that although there are a rainbow of colors throughout the room, hopefully it still looks cohesive.

Another Etsy print and a couple of shadow boxes that I put together.
The print has the Bible verses, Proverbs 3:5-6 on it:
"Trust in the LORD with all your heart
and lean not on your own understanding;
in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight."
When praying for her I often pray that this verse will be true in her life.
The mattress was our other splurge item. Kelly was quite concerned about her comfort, so he had the honor of picking out her mattress. We found it at Babies R Us, and thankfully my aunt had given us a 20% off coupon, so it really wasn't too bad. It all balances out, the sheets were on clearance from Target (yes I shop there a lot), and the gingham bed skirt was ordered site to store from Walmart.
Last but not least, her closet...
The dirty clothes hamper (right) and storage bin are both from Marshalls. The bin has the bjorn, boppy, and other goodies in it. Above the clothes, I made purple polka dot curtains to conceal:

See, I wasn't kidding when I previously mentioned Kelly's fear of not being prepared. We both are very thankful for all of the diapers given to us. And, although I tease Kelly, I of course am thrilled to pieces to have him be so involved already.
We even have our his and hers diaper bags. They are packed and all ready to go, where we plan on going you ask, not sure. At first, it will probably be an accomplishment just to go for a walk! I can assure you that I will probably have to try and convince Kelly that we do not need to take a giant diaper bag around the neighborhood. He will probably win, and we will look like 2 of the newest parents you have ever seen.
My diaper bag is this one, and here is Kelly's.
The pink storage boxes came in packs of two from, drum roll please... Target! So far they are great for extra sheets, bibs, burp clothes, and thankfully two are still empty for room to grow. The rest of the picture has smibs, party dresses, boxed & bagged shoes, and a little Nordstrom box hiding in the corner with Baby Girl's coming home outfit.
We feel so blessed already, and our little blessing hasn't even arrived yet. She is what we are most excited for, all of the preparation has been so much fun, and we are so thankful for all of the love and support we've received. But, we are most thankful for our little bun in the oven, as we know as great as all of these things are, they are just things and do not even compare to the joy we will have holding our Baby Girl.
We can't wait to meet Georgiana!


Lissa said...

Beautiful room! What a beautiful name for your baby girl!Congrats!

Christie C. said...

Love her nursery! I'm nosy too so I very much enjoyed all the pictures and details :) You did a fantastic job.

Also, LOVE her name! Yay!

Our growing family said...

LOVE IT!!! Oh my goodness-you did such a GREAT job! I love all the homemade crafty things you did! It is perfect and every last detail is ready! I loved all the information you gave too-made it more fun to read!
SO SO SO SO SO excited for her to come!
She is going to be so blessed w/such a loving family!

tiffany jeanne said...

i love every little inch of that room, nicole! great job to you and your hubby!!! Georgiana will LOVE it! :)

Hope you're feeling well...can't believe it's almost 'time'!!!

Our growing family said...

(I had to come back and peek again! It is all so wonderful!! And I just realized that you changed the middle name...almost the same though, w/the "e" sound at the end of it!
What a wonderful verse too...=) Can never go wrong with that one!!!)

Stefanie said...

love it!!! We are sooo excited for G to come! Can I call her that? :)

nicole said...

Stef, You can totally call her G, I love it :)

Ashleigh_Jason said...

Nicole! The room is AMAZING!! She is going to be one chic baby! I love it! I love the name too...Georgiana is gorgeous :) So much fun! Though, I must be honest...reading this and seeing all of the work you have done is putting me in pure panic mode!! We are nowhere NEAR this organized!! My mom is bringing down our dresser over Memorial Day weekend and we've kind of been waiting for that to come so we can put the rest of the room together! Thanks for putting the link up for your glider- SUCH a good deal! I think we're going to get that this weekend!! Congrats again! Can't wait to see Little G in the room!

Robin said...

love love LOVE the colors, prints, and flowers! you are so creative and have such an eye for the details, Nicole! I'm guessing Georgiana will have the nicest room in the house! =)

The Browne Fam said...

Oh My goodness! What a beautiful room! And can I say.....I LOVE HER NAME!!!! So excited for you guys!

J Yo said...

LOVE the name you chose for your sweet girl and her sweet nursery is so adorable! She'll love it... :)

A to Z said...

I love the room, Nicole!! I love your Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag! I have one and love it!!