24 May 2010

Maternity Leave

I officially started maternity leave last Thursday!
In addition to resting up and increasing sleep (woo hoo!), it has been pretty busy. I was able to spend some time with my friend Melissa and meet her sweet baby girl Madeline. We visited, shopped a little at one of our favorite baby boutiques (because doesn't every little girl need some Snugs!), and had lunch at one of my favs, Sorcis. Kelly and I went out for a date, we ate at our favorite sushi restaurant and planned on going to see a movie, but we were both a bit tired so we Red Boxed it ($1.00 movie rental, yes please) and watched Avatar. Hmm... what do I say about Avatar...
Well, I'm glad I saw it, I understand why it received so many awards/nominations, but it wasn't my favorite, nor do I feel the need to see it again.
We spent a small fortune and fully stocked our pantry and freezers. I have actually had a lot of fun cooking and freezing meals, I'm curious to see if this is something I do beyond baby prep... We've also been busy getting last minute house projects finished (The Family Room & Nook are finally finished, so another post is coming shortly!). Top all that off with another visit from a dear friend, doctor appointments, massage appointments, and a breast feeding class, and that sums up my Maternity Leave.
But wait... I saved the best for last, my cousin Makenzie's Prom:
Makenzie & her date Eric. They are aware there is a bit of a height difference, he makes Kelly look short, and yes he plays basketball. But, back to Makenzie! I am so thankful she lets me tag along (don't worry, just to pictures, not prom). I absolutely LOVED her dress, she looked like Belle from Beauty and the Beast meets Miss America, and I mean that with the highest of all compliments! Gorgeous!
And, Makenzie with her parents:
(Aunt Michelle, I promise you this is a beautiful picture of ALL 3 of you! And Uncle Roger, I spoke with your agent, your Royalty Check is in the mail :)
After pictures, Kelly and I went out for Chinese Food with my aunt & uncle. I love spending time with my family, even after long, busy, or hard weeks, we always have a good time. Especially when Kelly misread a certain menu item and accidentally added the letter 't' to "Moo Shi Pork." I'll let you figure it out. Yes, we were tired and it was hilarious.


Stefanie said...

Makenzie looks gorgeous!! I can't believe how grown up she is! And her dress is fantastic!

June 1 is around the corner...so excited for you guys!!

Anonymous said...

What a perfect day of shops and food - those are my favorite places! You should try HG Bistro sometime too (on E. Main) with all the free time you'll have soon. (ha ha)

Christie C. said...

I had the same thoughts on Avatar :) LOVE your cousin's dress, she looks beautiful!

Enjoy your maternity leave :)