24 May 2010

Dangerously Clumsy!

Yesterday, while I was cooking up a storm and freezing meals I accidentally knocked a knife off of the counter. I was able to quickly step back and let the knife fall. Thankfully there was no damage to myself or the floor.
Well, today was a different story...
I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the knife is not laying on the floor. No, it is stuck in the floor! We hand wash our knives to help maintain their sharpness, I think it is working:
Today, I was simply setting a colander next to the knives that were patiently waiting for me to wash them. I also moved a dishtowel, and somewhere between moving the dishtowel and setting down the colander, I heard a "thump." Yes, only a 39 week pregnant lady can move around the kitchen with such grace that she doesn't even notice an extremely sharp falling object! I looked down to see the knife standing up in my floor!
Praise the Lord that my foot, or more importantly, my belly, were not in the way of this knife. I vow to continue to carefully walk down my stairs (I am referring to my prego tumble I took a while back) and now, to be uber super duper extremely careful and aware in the kitchen. My heart was pounding as I thought soon and very soon there will be a wee one toddling around, oh my word, time to step up the cautiousness!

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Robin said...

I remember everyone telling me how clumsy I would be when I got pregnant, but I always bragged that that wasn't me...until my last 2 weeks or so of being prego...broken glasses, tripping on everything, so I feel you. Thank goodness your foot wasn't under the knife! =)