20 August 2010

the day to day

Georgiana slept in her crib last night, in her room, by herself. I laid her down at 8:00pm which is early for her (she is a bit of a night owl). She woke up an hour later for a little snack, then back to bed at 10:00pm, where she slept until 6:00am. At 6:00am she was a squirmy wormy, so I re-swaddled her and opted to hold her until 8:00am when she was ready to rise and shine!
When I left her room at 10:00pm, I had difficulty falling asleep. I was listening to the monitor very very closely, laughing at myself. There I sat wide awake listening to the monitor while both Kelly & Georgiana slept ever so peacefully. I kept thinking, I think I am supposed to be happy, but my room just felt a little lonely.
Kelly offered to move her crib into our room, but I think I am going to be a big girl and just toughen up a bit :)
Other news, Baby G's announcements are going out today, woo hoo! Finally! After ordering the announcements I decided to order a return address stamp off of Etsy. Well, the announcements came super fast and here they sat for what has seemed like forever while I waited for the stamp. I was just about to skip the stamp and get them out, when it arrived yesterday... from Malaysia! I guess I didn't pay attention to where it was coming from. The seller enclosed a cute note that requested I(or any buyer) do not give him negative feedback for the extended shipping/handling length, I was tickled by it (yes tickled), so I will be leaving a positive review. Plus, I'm loving the stamp.

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